Huichol Sacred Pilgrimage to Wirikuta

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[edit] General Information

Culture Documentary published by Others in 1991 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Wirikutacover.jpg

[edit] Information

This documentary follows the Huichol Indians, a 30,000 year old tribe of Mexico, on the annual thousand mile pilgrimage to Wirikuta, the sacred land where the medicine cactus, peyote, grows. Produced and directed by Larain Boyll, who has apprenticed with the elder shamans, it shows a joyous and inspiring journey about unit to find their life and to seek their visions - rare anthropological video of ceremonies and sacred sites. It features elder shamans, including well-known singing shaman and visionary artist, Guadalupe de la Cruz Rios, and her family.

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[edit] Technical Specs

  • Source: NTSC VHS
  • Duration: 28mn
  • Dimensions: 624x448
  • Framerate: 29.970 fps
  • Codec: XviD @ 1631 Kbps
  • Audio: MP3 @ 82 Kbps

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