Hunters of the Lost World

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[edit] General Information

Culture Documentary hosted by Hayden Turner, published by National Geographic in 2011 - English narration

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Image: Hunters-of-the-Lost-World-Cover.jpg

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Hunters of the Lost World In a time before intensive farming or supermarkets, humans had to hunt for food, learning their quarry's habits in order to catch them successfully. Humans lived alongside their prey, hunting for survival, rather than relying on others to rear and process their food. But there are few parts of the world where this way of life remains. Australian adventurer Hayden Turner has tracked down places where tribes still hunt down their food, and wants to learn from these peoples before their knowledge and lifestyles disappear forever. In this series he experiences life in some of the planet's most isolated regions, far from Western comforts, where skills passed down generations are more useful than credit cards. Turner lives among the Baka nomads deep in the rainforest of Cameroon, learning how to use smoke, spears and crossbows in order to trap prey, as well as imitating the calls of the tribe's chosen quarry. On the South Pacific Island of Tanna, Turner learns hunting strategies developed over a thousand years from the Namal tribe. In tree-tops, by rivers and in thick brushland, he is taught the best ways to ensnare flying foxes, wild pigs and eels. Meanwhile, in Namibia, the San Bushmen share their tracking skills, showing Turner how to stalk and kill food in the extreme conditions of the Kalahari Desert.

[edit] Kill to Survive

On the South Pacific island of Tanna, the Namal people seek ritual power from a volcano before they hunt flying foxes, eels and wild pigs.

[edit] Death Blow

The Jahai are an ancient tribe who range over an area larger than London, hunting monkeys with blowpipes and porcupines with spears. Hayden tries not to compromise the stealth that is essential if they are to catch their prey and feed their families.

[edit] Sharp Teeth Nomads

Hayden joins the nomadic Baka of Cameroon, a tribe who chisel their teeth to help them eat their prey. Deep in the forest, he struggles to keep up as they use machetes, spears and poison crossbow darts to hunt wildlife.

[edit] Kalahari Killers

In the Kalahari Desert, Hayden's dream comes true; his chance to follow the San Bushmen. Together they deal with charging elephants, scorching heat and have to dodge a leopard that wants the same prey as the tribe.

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