I Have Seen the Earth Change Season 1

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[edit] General Information

Nature Documentary hosted by Vivian Hesay, published by Adamis in 2008 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: I-Have-Seen-the-Earth-Change-Season-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Travelling to 10 corners of the world this series aims at showing locally through the people who experience it the concrete impact of climate change. Beyond the figures and graphics who are the people affected today in their daily activities by these change? How do they cope, what choices are they facing and what solutions have they found to maintain a sustainable activity on the land of their ancestors?

[edit] Bolivia

Gerarda Moral├Ęs is an Aymara Indian like half the population of Bolivia, and the president of a self-help charity network in the la Paz region. Glaciers are the main source of water for the region but they are now melting at an alarming rate. The whole balance of the region is under threat. The rural exodus must be halted and alternative water sources found as fast as possible

[edit] Australia

For 38 years, Clem and Cheryle Hodges have lived as farmers in New South Wales. These past five years, they have suffered from an exceptionally long and severe drought. Global warming? The Hodges are sceptical. But will they try to survive and wait for better days? Or will they, like other farmers, have to adapt their ways?

[edit] Canada

A courageous and spirited Inuit woman, Ulaayu Pilurtuut lives in the heart of the Canadian Great North, where she teaches Inuktut, the language of her people. The melting of the ice shelf, caused by global warming, threatens the existence of hunting, the traditional activity of communities in the region. Ulaayu wants to help the local youth invent a new future without losing touch with their roots and their identity.

[edit] Egypt

Manar Ezat is the first female professor specialised in fish farming in Egypt. Endlessly she visits and advises the fish farmers along the Nile delta - including those who let their traditional farming activity to develop and live from this new agro-industry. As the sea expands over the delta, silt disappears and salinity in water and soil increases. About a third of the country's population is to be eventually affected, thought farmers and fisherman are the first and main victims.

[edit] Spain

At the heart of the Valencia Huerta, Antonio Niguez watches worriedly the orange trees of his parcel wither away. This semi-arid region, true garden in the southeast of Spain, suffers from a chronic lack of water, worsened by global warming. Despite an irrigation system that has been regulated for centuries by the "Water Tribunal" of Valencia, the threat of desertification looms. What must be done?

[edit] United States

Colleen Gregory (truck farmer, beekeeper and sheep breeder) lives in the San Juan Islands, off Seattle. Fed up with the city and its ongoing activity, she moved in this paradisiacal spot - a sight for sore eyes! - 20 years ago to find Nature. A childhood dream come true! But, today the dream is fading away...

[edit] Japan

Katsuo Sasaki grows rice in Miyagi Province where the crop has a strong reputation. And yet he is becoming impoverished since never before seen insects have started to attack his crops. Katsuo wonders what Nature can endure... And for how much longer...

[edit] Mali

In the North of Mali, Khissa lives along the banks of Lake Faguibine. A location erstwhile "blessed by Gods"...An area of exchange for nomad breeders, Sonrai farmers and Bozo fishermen. But during the Sahel drought, the lake suddenly dried out. Like many other Tuareg, Khissa lost everything, namely his independence and his pride.

[edit] Netherlands

Global warming causes the icecap to melt which induces a rise in sea level. A nightmare for the Dutch since 60% of their territory lies below that very sea level. This concerns Oebele Wiedjik who lives in a polder. This is a major concern for all farmers living in the Noordward polder who know they are living on borrowed time and are facing difficult choices.

[edit] Vietnam

Lien Tran Thi Kim is an agronomist-forester in the centre of Vietnam. Concerned about the increase in natural disasters, she has taken on a re-forestation mission in an effort to reduce their destructive effects.

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