In Search of a Legend: The Black Leopard

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Nature Documentary hosted by Tom Fairfoot, published by National Geographic in 2008 - English narration

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Image: In-Search-of-a-Legend-The-Black-Leopard-Cover.jpg

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From the cold temperatures of Europe to the hotter climates of Africa, there have been reports that people have seen this infamous creature. But a small farming town called Lydenburg, in the North East of South Africa, has had more sightings in the last 50 years then anywhere else in the world. 'In Search of a Legend' heads to Lydenburg to talk to the people and hopefully catch a glimpse of the Black Leopard. Meet Kevin Richardson, 'The Leopard Man'. He has an uncanny ability to communicate with leopards and other large carnivores. Kevin's work at the Lion Park in Johannesburg brings him in contact with many amazing creatures, but he has formed a unique relationship with two black leopards, Coal and Nikita. His love for the black leopard has taken Kevin out of the lion park and deep into the African mountains. How could so many sightings have been recorded in one small farming village in South Africa? He wants to know more. Why do they exist, how many and where? His mission takes him to a mountainous area in Mpumalanga. His mission is to find a black leopard and photograph it, but along the way he puts himself in the firing line to protect these animals from their biggest enemy - man!

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Video Codec: x264 ,AVC-1
Video Bitrate: CRF 20
Video Resolution: 1280x720
Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Codec: AC3
Audio BitRate: 192 kbps
Audio Streams: 2.0
Audio Languages: English
RunTime Per Part: 52 min
Number Of Parts: 1
Part Size: 1.51 GB
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