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Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by Morgan Spurlock, published by CNN in 2013 - English narration

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CNN's popular original series "Morgan Spurlock: Inside Man," produced and hosted by Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, immerses the host in topical subjects while offering an intimate look at diverse aspects of the human condition. "Inside Man" gives viewers an insider's view of the diverse sectors of American life, diving deep into hard-hitting issues like medical marijuana, the elder care industry, migrant farm workers, gun ownership, bankruptcy, education, the drought and union workers. In other words it was time for the Inside Man to tackle the hard-hitting issue of our failed and failing public schools. Why do we spend so much and get so little return on our investment? How come our students do so bad on them international tests? And why do American students keep falling off of their ladders of excellence and opportunity? The Inside Man was off on a mission. First stop: Finland. Finland has one of the best school systems in the world, and Morgan Spurlock spent a day in a Finnish 8th grade classroom where one of the day's lessons was called, "Things That Are Typically American". According to the textbook, Finnish kids associate the following with the typical American: Uncle Sam, McDonalds, Mickey Mouse, the Simpsons, Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson. One student admitted to Spurlock that he, in fact, does think Americans drive big trucks and eat fast food. The teacher made sure to point out that she didn't want the kids' view of Americans to be so stereotypical, calling the United States "a great country," saying: "There's a lot to see and a lot more than just this hamburger culture." Then it was time to find a school in this country that takes every single one of the elements of the Finnish success story and either ignores them completely or does the precise opposite of what the Finns do. Welcome to Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School in Brooklyn, USA. In preparation for teaching a classroom full of 25 eighth graders, Morgan Spurlock learned about the immersive approach that teachers at Williamsburg Collegiate Charter School take in order to keep their students engaged, interested and stimulated – every minute of every day. Those techniques include hand claps, snaps, and affirmations of success among fellow students. And free time – which is rare – is typically spent reading.

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