Jack the Ripper: The First Serial Killer

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History Documentary hosted by Stephen Rashbrook and published by Discovery Channel in 2006 - English narration

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In 1888, London was a divided city. In the west, the rich led comfortable, pampered lives, but for the thousands of poor crammed into the slums of the east end, life was no party. Many shared one room with six or seven other people. Each night, up to 8000 women and children queued for a place in a lodging house. Women were so desperate they would prostitute themselves for a few pennies, or a loaf of bread. Many of the men who paid them for their services were affluent west end gents, slumming it in the dark, stinking streets of ‘outcast London’.

Enter Jack the Ripper, who terrorised the area around Whitechapel in the Autumn of 1888 - the first British serial killer to hit the headlines. The Ripper’s five victims were all prostitutes working around Whitechapel. His first, 43-year-old Mary Ann Nicolls, was found on 31 August, in Buck’s Row. Her throat had been slashed and her body mutilated. Annie Chapman, 47, was murdered in Hanbury Street on 8 September. Again, her throat was slashed and this time internal organs had been removed. A few days later, the Central News Agency received the famous ‘Dear Boss’ letter that was supposedly written by the murderer. It was signed ‘Jack the Ripper’, a name which put fear in the hearts of old London town. The Ripper struck again on 30 September.

The bodies of Elizabeth Stride, 45, and Catherine Eddowes, 46, were discovered just a few streets apart within an hour of each other. It looked as if the killer had been disturbed when attacking ‘Long Liz’, because her injuries were less severe than Catherine Eddowes, whose face was slashed and organs removed. The killer had also taken her kidney as a grisly souvenir. In October, another Ripper letter arrived - this time with half of what he claimed to be Eddowe’s kidney. Jack said that he had fried the other half and eaten it. Mary Kelly, 25, was the last victim on 9 November. She was killed at home and the walls of her lodgings were spattered with her blood. Her face had been brutally hacked away, her breasts and organs removed and her body slashed.

With no forensic scientific tests available, not even finger-printing, the police found it impossible to find the killer. Over the past century, many suspects have emerged, including local Polish immigrants, a teacher, an American doctor and even Queen Victoria’s grandson, the Duke of Clarence. But nearly all have been discounted. There have been arguments over whether the Ripper had some knowledge of anatomy, like a doctor or a butcher, because of the speed and accuracy with which he mutilated his victims. But one thing is sure. Who ever he was, Jack the Ripper has taken his place as one of the most infamous and bloody killers in British history.

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