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[edit] General Information

Biography, History Documentary hosted by Tom Hodgkins and published by BBC in 2001 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Jesus-The-Real-Story-Son-of-God--Cover.gif

[edit] Information

Jesus has been the source of faith to billions, the cause of a thousand wars, and the subject of countless works of art and music. But who was he? A rebel, a prophet or something much more? Join experts as they reconstruct the life of Jesus using archaeology, history and science. Through re-enactments set in Israel/Palestine and computer generated backgrounds, relive the main events of his life and death. For the first time, experts strip away the layers of history that cover almost every biblical site revealing the Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth that Jesus himself would have known.

[edit] The Early Years

Explore the strange fables that surround the birth of Jesus ? and learn how science and archaeology are showing that there may be more credence to the Christmas stories than many think. The Star of Bethlehem, for example, may have existed as an astrological event rather an astronomical one. Follow the childhood and early adult years of Jesus, using a first century living museum newly opened in Nazareth. Join young Jesus on his first trip to Jerusalem, where the fantastic temples are recreated with computer graphics, and witness a re-enactment of his baptism.

[edit] The Mission

Learn how Jesus carried out his ministry as a healer and exorcist, and discover how his taste for parties with undesirable guests was perceived as an attack on religious authorities. Visit the house of Peter and the fishing villages where Jesus began his mission. Follow him to Jerusalem as he rides in to the city on a donkey and see how dangerous it was for him during the Passover Festival.

[edit] The Last Days

Relive the last days of Jesus' life: the Last Supper and the Mount of Olives, where he prayed and sweat blood. See a reenactment of the trial that condemned him for blasphemy. Join experts who examine the mechanics of the crucifixion ? was Jesus nailed through the hands or the wrists, and what was the true cause of death? Explore what may have accounted for his resurrection and learn the latest theories about what he may have looked like.

[edit] Screenshots

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[edit] Technical Specs

  • ideo Codec: DivX 5.0
  • Video Bitrate: ~1800 kb/s
  • Video Resolution: 688x384
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9 (1.79:1)
  • Audio Codec: AC3
  • Audio Bitrate: 192 kb/s 48000Hz
  • Audio Channels: 2
  • RunTime Per Part: ~47-50 min. per episode
  • Ripped by m06166

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