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[edit] General Information

Science Documentary, hosted by Jimmy Doherty, published by BBC in 2009 - English narration

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Charles Darwin came up with some ingenious experiments to prove his theory of evolution. Jimmy Doherty attempts to recreate some of these investigations

[edit] Dangerous Ideas

Last broadcast on Thu, 9 Apr 2009, 01:15 on BBC One (Scotland only) (see all broadcasts).

When Charles Darwin set about proving his theory of evolution, he had none of the advantages of modern genetics or DNA analysis so he came up with some ingenious experiments of his own. In this series, Jimmy Doherty recreates many of these investigations.

Jimmy takes a hands-on approach as he digs up a patch of turf in Darwin's own garden in Kent to illustrate the struggle for existence; he ropes down a chalk cliff to explore the age of the Earth; and he lets seeds soak in salt water for a month. The smelly results from this experiment prove that plants have the potential to cross oceans.

These and other investigations gave Darwin the evidence he needed to publish his theory in 1859. By replicating them Jimmy uncovers a dynamic Darwin, and through them reveals the secrets of evolution.
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[edit] The Storm Breaks

Last broadcast on Thu, 16 Apr 2009, 01:55 on BBC One (except Wales) (see all broadcasts).

When Darwin publishes his theory of evolution, he is attacked by many critics. He retreats to his garden in Kent to do new experiments to defend his theory.

Jimmy Doherty re-creates some of this extraordinary work. Jimmy feeds his own urine to an insectivorous plant to find out why they eat insects, and cuts off the tail feathers of a peacock to see if it handicaps its sex life.

Through in-breeding experiments with plants, Jimmy discovers why Darwin was so concerned about his marriage to his first cousin Emma.

With these original experiments, Jimmy uncovers a new and dynamic Darwin, and through them reveals the science of evolution.
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[edit] Of Apes and Men

Last broadcast on Wed, 29 Apr 2009, 01:10 on BBC One (Northern Ireland only) (see all broadcasts).

After his theory of evolution was attacked by critics, Darwin retreated to his garden in Kent to do new experiments that would defend his ideas. Jimmy Doherty re-creates some of this extraordinary work.

Darwin knew that his ideas on human evolution were controversial. Jimmy Doherty carries out some of the exciting experiments that Darwin did to show that humans were just another ape. Jimmy puts a snake into a monkey enclosure to find out whether monkeys are curious; he has his face electrically stimulated to create a smile; and musical instruments are played to an earthworm to test its hearing. All these experiments gave Darwin additional evidence that humans had evolved from animals.

Jimmy uncovers a new and dynamic Darwin, and through re-creating the experiments reveals the science of human evolution.
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