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[edit] General Information

Science Documentary narrated by Adam Hart-Davis and published by History Channel in 2007 - English narration

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[edit] Information

In his new series, Adam Hart-Davis investigates the fantastic inventions that make our daily lives easier. Most of us scarcely give a second thought to the science and history of these commonplace gadgets and gizmos, but the hyperactive historian does not share our indifference. Adam reveals the scintillating stories behind a kaleidoscopic range of everyday objects.

Take the humble British cuppa. Adam outlines how and why tea became our national obsession, revealing that the drink first came to Britain when Charles II married Catherine of Braganza in the mid seventeenth century. The Portuguese princess was a tea addict; her love of the leaf soon spread to the wealthy classes as a whole. Before this, ale had been Britain’s chosen morning beverage; even the Royal family sank a pint or two at breakfast time.

Adam’s irrepressible curiosity also extends to Britain’s personal cleanliness. We may take our morning ablutions for granted, but the Romans took bathing extremely seriously. In Rome, there was a public bath house on every corner – much like our pubs today. Adam journeys to the Somerset town of Bath, where he relaxes in the best preserved ancient baths in northern Europe. Entrance was cheap and the baths were a social hub – a place to meet, play games, eat, drink and gossip. Adam also reveals that the Romans didn’t use soap to clean themselves – they preferred to sweat the dirt out.

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