Kingdom of the Ice Bear

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[edit] General Information

Nature Documentary hosted by Hywel Bennett and published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Natural World series in 1985 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Kingdom-of-the-Ice-Bear-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

First part of an award-winning trilogy of programmes about the Arctic, narrated by Hywel Bennett. This film reveals the gentle side of polar bears as they lovingly tend their cubs, and captures the underwater chorus of eerie cries beneath the ice as the one-horned narwhals share rich feedings with belugas and harp seals.

[edit] Screenshots

Image: Kingdom-of-the-Ice-Bear-Screen0.jpg

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: XVID
  • Video Bitrate: 1771 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 528x704 (height x width)
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 3x4 (1:1.33)
  • Audio Codec: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) <0x0055>
  • Audio BitRate: 126 kbps
  • Audio Streams: 1
  • Audio Languages: English
  • RunTime Per Part: 54 min 25.40 s (81635 Frames)
  • Part Size: 742.53M
  • Subtitles: English

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