Last Secrets of the Axis

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War Documentary hosted by Gavin MacFadyen, published by History Channel in 2001 - English narration

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One of the most compelling stories of World War II concerns the origins of the unlikely alliance between the Axis powers. While many people imagine that the union was forged along the lines of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend," the real story is far more complicated. LAST SECRETS OF THE AXIS picks up where the popular HISTORY CHANNEL special THE SAMURAI AND THE SWASTIKA left off, examining the remarkable historical confluence that led to the rise of German-Japanese cooperation. At the heart of story is Karl Haushofer, a geography professor (and the man who coined the term "geopolitics"). The program explores the professor's convoluted role, following him from the origins of the Reich to the Nuremberg Trials. On September 27th 1940, Hitler's Nazi Germany, Mussolini's fascist Italy and the empire of Japan signed a pact that was intended to see them dominate the world; it was called the "Axis Pact" . This secret axis blueprint for world domination was the work of a man almost forgotten by history, Adolf Hitler's special advisor on world affairs, a personal friend of the Japanese high command and a master spy, without whom there may well have been no Pearl Harbour; his name was Karl Haushofer. The first half of "Last Secrets of the Axis" investigates the key role played by the secretive, yet extremely influential man known as 'Hitler's Merlin' , Karl Haushofer. The later part looks at how the Japanese fulfilled their military obligations on two fronts, with the development of Japanese fighters and long range bombers and the creation of the top secret, China-based Unit 731 biological warfare group. The aim of the parallel efforts was to deliver bombs laden with deadly biological cargo on an unsuspecting California.This programme provides a fascinating insight into the many secrets of the Axis forces and evaluates the frightening possibility that had their plans succeeded, the Second World War could have had a very different ending. LAST SECRETS also reveals details of many overlooked engagements, including a coup in Iraq, backed by German and Italian forces, that had the long-term goal of establishing a Persian Gulf base for Japanese submarines! From unsung battles to back-room dealings, this is a compelling examination of the LAST SECRETS OF THE AXIS. Written by George Kerevan ; Produced by Andy Aitken ; What If Productions in association with Alba Communications Ltd for The History Channel

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