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[edit] General Information

Science Documentary hosted by Dilly Barlow and published by BBC broadcasted as part of BBC Horizon series in 2003 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Life-On-Mars-Update-Horizon-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Are we alone in the Universe? Or are there aliens somewhere in space? New evidence suggests not only might other life-forms be out there, they may even be living on the planet right next door to us - Mars.

Recent discoveries have shown that Mars has all the ingredients for life, including water. Now the Mars Odyssey probe, launched in April 2001, has detected huge frozen areas of permafrost, just like that found in the Antarctic on Earth.

According to astronomers, the position of this frozen slush could hold the key to Mars' mysterious water cycle. And the surface ice may hide something even more exciting below.

Further information or transcript from when Horizon last looked for life on Mars in 2001.

[edit] Screenshots

Image: Life-On-Mars-Update-Horizon-Screen0.jpg

Image: Life-On-Mars-Update-Horizon-Screen1.jpg

[edit] Technical Specs

Video Codec: Divx 5.21
Video Bitrate: 1811 kb/s
Video Resolution: 640x480
Video Aspect Ratio: 4:3
Audio Codec: LAME MP3
Audio BitRate: 192 kb/s
Audio Channels: 2
RunTime Per Part: 48m 38s
Number Of Parts: 1
Part Size: 700mb
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