Magnificent Three: Cities that Shaped History

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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Sue Flack and Alex Wyndham, published by Arte in 2017 - English narration

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Image: Magnificent-Three-Cities-that-Shaped-History-Cover.jpg

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From 1600 to the present, Amsterdam, London and New York have each contributed to the birth and development of the "world-city," a new urban concept whose ambition plays out on a global scale and who has given rise to a radically new form of city landscape, still recognizable today. Using specially designed 3D imagery to re-create the city's development over time and space, combined with originally shot aerials of iconic or lesser known monuments and vivid animated sequences, this series offers a compelling new take on History programing. Revisit 400 years of ruthless competition between these rival cities fighting for supremacy over global trade, marked by growing urbanization and the rise of architecture. Discover the story of the great minds, pioneer spirit and innovations behind the success stories of these cities contributed in shaping each of these cities in what they are today, their mutual fascination and conflicts, and watch them thrive one after another united by ambition and the greater History. Join us in a fascinating urban saga and visual journey! Directed by Frederic Wilner ; ARTE France, Iliade Productions, Les films de l'Odyssee and Imagina Producoes Co-Production with ERT, Al Arabiya News Channel and Ceska TV

[edit] A Golden Century (1585-1656)

It all begun in 1585 as the small city of Amsterdam, gradually became the first world city in human history. Watch the story of Amsterdam's ascension and growing dominance on world trade, and the spectacular innovations that made it possible. Across the Channel, London wasn't the challenger that it will soon become - but the City is growing and finds its destiny: commerce and finance will be its weapons to conquer the world. Amsterdam and London, twin cities in many ways, will soon fight each other to lead the rising global economy

[edit] Clashes (1650-1800)

As Amsterdam is at its peak and becomes the third largest city in Europe, London gradually takes the lead, and a third player enters world history: New Amsterdam, once a Dutch city, is eventually conquered by England and becomes New York. Watch London changing into a modern city after the 1664 Great Fire and fight Amsterdam with the help of French monarchy. Against all odds, the Netherlands eventually conquers London and changes history for always. At the end of the 17th century, Amsterdam, exhausted and ruined by wars and battles, leaves the world scene... but its heritage is well and alive.

[edit] Metropolis (1800-1880)

Watch how New York, just two decades after the war of independence, makes its way through and becomes the great challenger of London. During the 19th century, both cities will experience industrial revolution, modernity and the enormous challenge of migrations and mass poverty. Both cities will give their own answers - one becoming the largest in the world, the other reinventing itself to become the first vertical city in history.

[edit] Global Cities (1880-2017)

London and New York turn to gigantism and open the way to the city of tomorrow. New York invents the skyscraper and the skyline, new concepts that will revolutionize urbanism and shape the cities around the world. London, the heart of the British Empire and the wealthiest city on earth, faces pollution, with its deadly consequences, and cannot overcome its huge poverty problem.

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