Mysteries of the Bible: Unlocked Collection 1

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History Documentary hosted by Simcha Jacobovici, published by Associated Producers Ltd. in 2017 - English narration

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Mysteries Of The Bible: Unlocked Collection 1 Archeologists examine recent finds and what they conclude adds vital new information to our understanding of some New Testament stories. This collection is made up of Series 1 x 5 episodes and Series 2 x 5 episodes.

[edit] Caiaphas: Good Guy or Bad Guy

The discovery of a tomb in Jerusalem containing two nails may hold the key to a new take on a two-thousand-year-old villain, and reveal one of Christianity's greatest relics.

[edit] Secrets of the Cross

Two-thousand-year-old-bones may be evidence, never before seen, of an actual crucifixion from the time of Jesus. They may reveal that the classic depiction of Jesus on the cross is not how crucifixions were actually carried out in the 1st Century.

[edit] The Dead Sea Scrolls

A recently discovered Dead Sea Scrolls fragment may be the oldest reference to Jesus ever found. It may have been written in Aramaic by some of his earliest disciples. But does the scroll really refer to Jesus?

[edit] Roman Armys Secret Christians

Outside the ancient city of Jericho there is evidence that the same Roman Army that oppressed Christians may have been secretly worshipping Jesus.

[edit] Vesuvius the Apostle

The eruption of Vesuvius may have been the catalyst for the spread of Christianity in the Roman Empire. Have archeologists found the earliest reference to "Christians" in Pompeii?

[edit] A Lost Tribe of Israel Discovered

Around 733 B.C., ten of the twelve tribes of Israel were conquered and exiled by the Assyrian Empire. Where did the Gadarenes of Gadara go when they were exiled? Can we trace them through to the 21st Century in Europe?

[edit] Biblical Food

There are literally hundreds of food references in the Bible, but the Bible lists ingredients … not recipes. Learn how to make olive oil as they did in ancient times and find out more about the meat, grains and beans eaten in biblical times and how they were prepared.

[edit] Stations of the Cross

Is there any archeological proof for the tradition that Christ carried his cross and stopped in certain locations on the way to Calvary? We follow The Stations Of The Cross to find out what traces may remain in present-day Jerusalem.

[edit] The Alphabet

How did our current alphabet evolve? Perhaps from adaptations of Egyptian hierogylphics? How did the symbols become associated with sounds? Travel from Toronto to Serabit El Kadim in Egypt as we look for answers to how we got to our 26 letter alphabet.

[edit] The First Supper

There is new evidence to suggest that the cross was used as a symbol of Christianity far earlier than the time of Constantine. Excavations in Herculaneum and Bethsaida tell a new story about the adoption of the cross as a representation of faith

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