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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Craig Sechler, published by PBS broadcasted as part of PBS Nova series in 2015 - English narration

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Image: Nazi-Attack-on-America-PBS-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

A sunken German U-boat off the coast of New Orleans tells the story of Operation Drumbeat. At the beginning of 1942, shortly after the USA entered the war, the German Navy sent its submarines west. Their destination: the North American coast. Long before 9/11, a far deadlier, little-known attack from the ocean depths struck our shores, lasting three-and-a-half years and claiming 5,000 lives. Now, famed undersea explorer Bob Ballard, discoverer of the Titanic, investigates the wreck of one of the attack craft, a German submarine that lies at the bottom of the gulf just a few miles off New Orleans. Hitler's U-Boats sank 609 allied ships in American-protected waters during WWII. More than 5,000 lives were lost and over 3 million tons of cargo never reached its destination, as Hitler attempted to disrupt the crucial flow of supplies from America to Britain. The allies managed to sink only ten of these U-boats in American-protected waters during the war and only one in the Gulf of Mexcio—U-Boat 166. However, the circumstances surrounding U-boat 166's sinking resulted in decades of controversy. Now, Nazi Attack on America, a NOVA/National Geographic special tells what is known of the Unterseeboote's fateful voyage and seeks to determine who was responsible for sinking it. Type IXC U-166 was part of Operation Drumbeat, a highly successful U-boat operation that caught East Coast cities and shipping almost completely unprepared. With state-of-the-art survey gear Ballard probes the wreck and explores a dramatic mystery in the official story of the sub's sinking. As the only U-boat lost in the Gulf of Mexico, the U-166 represents an important piece of Louisiana and U.S. maritime history. Directed by Kirk Wolfinger and Owen Palmquist ; A Production of NOVA and National Geographic Studios for WGBH Boston in association with Lone Wolf Documentary Group

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