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History, Technology Documentary published by BBC in 2006 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Nuclear Secrets is a series of spy thrillers exploring the key turning-points
in the race for nuclear supremacy. From the development of the A-bomb, via the
Cuban missile crisis, to the spread of nuclear weapons to the Middle East and
beyond, each story is told through the eyes of the men who risked everything to
proliferate their nuclear secrets and those who tried to stop them. Nuclear
weapons and the actions of these men have transformed the face of war – and now
the world could pay the price.

[edit] The Spy from Moscow

Today's offering – The Spy From Moscow – kicks off the series. Soviet Colonel
Oleg Penkovsky was a spy in the build-up to the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 -
a conflict which brought people closer than ever to all-out nuclear war.

Penkovsky was one of the highest-ranking Soviet officials ever to spy for the
West, and he risked his life providing an unparalleled amount of information to
MI6 and the CIA. At the height of the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy could turn
to technical evidence unknown to the rest of the world provided by "Agent Hero" –
Penkovsky's codename. One of the most effective spies in MI6's history, Penkovsky
soon realised the KGB were on his tail.

With unprecedented access to KGB archives, the film shows the surveillance footage
taken by the KGB as they trailed Penkovsky across Moscow in meetings with his British
handlers – Janet Chisholm, a British diplomat's wife, and Greville Wynne, a British
businessman. Declassified CIA transcripts reveal that as America was being targeted,
so was Penkovsky. His dramatic story and tragic end is highly revealing of KGB
operations at the height of the Cold War.

Once opened, the Pandora's Box of nuclear secrets can never be closed.

Program aired on BBC 1 Mon 15 Jan, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins.

[edit] Superspy

Viewers discover how one man's mission started the Cold War in the second
in a series of spy thrillers exploring the key turning-points in the race for
nuclear supremacy. Superspy unearths how Klaus Fuchs stole the secrets of the
Hiroshima bomb and gave these confidential details to the Soviet Union.

During the Second World War, German refugee Klaus was posted to the highest
security weapons laboratory in America. His assignment was to help design the
world's first weapon of mass destruction. After joining Robert Oppenheimer's
team, he became an expert on plutonium and secretly plotted how to contact the
Soviet spymasters. Under the eyes of the FBI, he slowly pieced together America's
atomic secrets and copied out his notes. Evading security, he smuggled out the
complete blueprint of the Nagasaki A-bomb.

In January 1942, Klaus met up with a young mother – who was, in fact, a Soviet
spy – and disclosed the classified information of how to construct an A-bomb.
In the spring of 1945, he conducted a series of meetings with his Soviet courier,
"Harry Gold".

By 1949, the FBI were on the hunt for the traitor. Klaus escaped to England,
where he started a job which placed him at the heart of the British nuclear
establishment. While in the UK, he continued to sell secrets.

The superspy's downfall came when he confessed all to MI5, whom he told: "It's
as though my mind has two compartments." But the consequences of his actions
led the world to fear nuclear Armageddon.

Program aired on BBC 2 Mon 22 Jan, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins.

[edit] SuperBomb

Two superpowers, one goal – the third of BBC Two's spy thrillers exploring the
race for nuclear supremacy follows the Soviet Union and USA as they struggle to
control the most powerful force on the planet and create a "superbomb" that
could unleash an explosion 1,000 times greater than Hiroshima.

In April 1946, nuclear scientist Edward Teller, who has become known as the
father of the hydrogen bomb, arrived at Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory to chair
a secret conference on the most ambitious weapons project the world had ever
seen: the creation of a "superbomb". Having met initial opposition from his
boss, the father of the atomic bomb, Robert Oppenheimer, Teller believed he
could build the ultimate weapon.

In Kew Gardens in 1947, a secret rendezvous took place. Soviet Alexander Felisov
met his contact who handed over intelligence regarding Teller's H-bomb. Unknown
to Teller, his weapons programme had been infiltrated by a Soviet
husband-and-wife team – "the volunteers".

By 1951, Teller had made the breakthrough he craved when he tested the H-Bomb in
Eniwetok Atoll, in the Pacific. For 15 minutes, he waited anxiously to discover
that the island had vanished and, in its place, was a crater, two miles wide.

While Teller triumphed in the US, the Soviets were desperate to develop a small
bomb that could be dropped by a plane. Chief Scientist Andrei Sakharov was
successful in developing this.

Teller discovered what the Soviets were doing and secretly joined the FBI as an
informant; he accused his contemporary, Robert Oppenheimer, of not acting in
the interests of the US and destroyed his reputation with a powerful testimony.

But it was too late. The Soviets now held the secret to wiping out any city in
Europe. Doomsday was now just around the corner...

Program aired on BBC 2 Mon 29 Jan, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins.

[edit] Vanunu and the Bomb

Mordechai Vanunu was the man who was determined to tell the world about Israel's
nuclear capabilities and, by doing so, created a world scandal. Vanunu is the
focus of tonight's spy thriller in the series exploring the race for nuclear

Vanunu worked as a nuclear technician between 1977 and 1985, separating plutonium
from uranium at the top-secret Israeli nuclear facility. Disgusted by how Israel
treated him, and with a growing awareness of the dangers of nuclear weapons,
Vanunu collected evidence by taking 60 photos of the top-secret plutonium plant.

Fast forward to September 1986, when The Sunday Times brought Vanunu to London
and kept him isolated while they verified his story about Israel's nuclear plant.

After weeks of isolation in a hotel, he popped out for a newspaper. A beautiful
blonde by the news stand caught his eye and he followed her until he plucked up
the courage to speak to the mysterious woman. They agreed to meet several more
times and Cindy, as she was known to him, bought tickets for them to take a short
break in Rome. This, however, was to be Vanunu's downfall. Cindy was, in fact, a
secret agent for Mossad, the Israeli secret service. He was drugged and smuggled
back to Israel where he was tried and jailed for 18 years.

He was released last year but was re-arrested for violating his conditions. While
he remains a traitor to Israelis, he is heralded as a saviour for nuclear openness
to many around the world.

Program aired on BBC 2 Mon 05 Feb, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins.

[edit] The Terror Trader

The final episode in this series uncovers the man described as the father of the
Pakistani bomb and the creator of the largest nuclear-smuggling ring ever known. It
reveals a cat-and-mouse tale of an out-of-control nuclear scientist and Western

In 1975, a young scientist copied top-secret blueprints from his Dutch Nuclear company.
The thief in question was Dr AQ Khan, a Pakistani nuclear scientist who was working in
the Netherlands. His job gave him access to the designs of the key nuclear process,
Centrifuges. He flew to Pakistan over Christmas in 1975 with his family and wrote to his
employers, stating that he had yellow fever. He never returned and went on to live a
lavish lifestyle in Pakistan.

Dr Khan's motivation was based by his fierce patriotism and his quest to ensure Pakistan
was at the centre of nuclear supremacy. The president of Pakistan placed Khan in charge
of his nuclear programme, project 706, and he used his network of contacts from Europe
to start it up.

In 1998, Khan tested his bomb design and, for the first time, Pakistan revealed itself
to the world as a nuclear power. Khan immediately became a national hero. With fame came
wealth and the CIA discovered that Khan had acquired a large property empire. The CIA
and MI6 were unclear what Khan was up to but, as time went on, the clues grew more

They set up a joint task force which eventually led to Dr Khan's "nuclear bazaar".The
world saw for the first time the terrifying scale of Khan's activities. The president
of Pakistan placed him under house arrest, where he remains today.

Program aired on BBC 2 Fri 16 Feb, 9:00 pm - 10:00 pm 60mins.

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