On the Volcanoes of the World

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Nature, Travel Documentary hosted by Jesse Joe Walsh and published by Discovery Channel in 2007 - English narration

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It would appear that the earth breathes. That the earth breathes is confirmed each time a volcano becomes active somewhere in the world. And it is at this precise moment when Guy de Saint Cyr, an amazing geologist and inveterate volcano hugger for the past 40 years, decides to organise an expedition with a small band of neophyte travellers. Each trip provides a chance to share a different human adventure, exchange scientific knowledge and discover fascinating new landscapes.

On the volcanoes around the Pacific Rim: Hawaii and Vanuatu. And in Africa along the Great Rift Valley where the land reveals all sorts of geological exuberance. With Guy as guide, we are going to show, listen to, see and enjoy the earth as you've never before seen it.

[edit] Hawaii, the Lava Lake

The Hawaiian Islands make up the southern tip of a 6,000-km-long volcanic chain; geologist Guy de Saint Cyr explores a lava lake.

[edit] Vanuatu, Volcano Islands

Active volcanoes on the island nation of Vanuatu include Mount Garet and Mount Yasur.

[edit] Ethiopia, Mythical Volcanoes

Three tectonic plates intersect in the Horn of Africa; Erta Ale in Ethiopia houses one of the world's few lava lakes; Dallol's summit lies below sea level.

[edit] Eastern Africa, Giant Volcanoes

The city of Goma in the Democratic Republic of the Congo rests at the foot of the active Nyiragongo volcano.

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