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[edit] General Information

Health-Medical Documentary published by Procidis broadcasted as part of Once upon a time series in 1987 - English,French,German,Spanish Multilanguage narration

also known as

[edit] Cover

Image: Once-upon-a-time-Life-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

A popular French animated series (translated into English too) exploring how the body works (life science). The series usually featured a different organ or system each week e.g. the skin, circulatory system, immune system.

Maestro, a bearded old man, ran the brain... red blood cells ran little bubbles of oxygen to the muscles... the white blood cells were comprised of foot patrol "policemen" and marshalls in small flying craft.

The series makes use of recurring characters. The lead white blood cell characters resemble two of the humans whose bodies are explored throughout the series. The lead red blood cell characters resemble the two other main human bodies that are explored. The "bad guy" humans bear a strong resemblane to the virus and bacteria cells that sometimes attack the body.

The series combined entertaining story lines with an enormous amount of factual information.

Theme Song:

Sing a song of life; every heartbeat's a miracle.

Feel the rhythm growing day by day as we go.

Look inside, your body is humming with a million drums that are drumming (Oooo)

Feel your lungs get ready;

Celebrating the joy that's Life.

Everything is singing (your life, my life); living a piece of the melody.

Smaller, bigger, biggest (wonderful life), being a part of the whole.

Holding hands we are a chorus, as we find out what's before us. It's harmony that binds us;

Snappy songs, happy songs; that's life.

(Here's life, here's life, that's life! Here's life, here's life, here's life!)

Take the road to wonder, where the whys and the wherefores hide.

Join us and discover! Celebrating the joys of Life.

[edit] Screenshots

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: XVID
  • Video Bitrate: 1486 kbps
  • Video Resolution: 560x704 (height x width)
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 5x6 (1:1,26)
  • Audio Codec: MPEG-1 Layer 3 (MP3) <0x0055>
  • Audio BitRate: 128 kbps
  • Audio Streams: 4
  • RunTime Per Part: 25 min 16,48 s (37912 Frames)
  • Part Size: 365,13 MB

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Once.upon.a.time...Life.01of26.The.cell.planet.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (365.13 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.02of26.Birth.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (332.81 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.03of26.The.body.sentinels.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (348.53 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.04of26.The.bone.marrow.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (347.68 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.05of26.The.blood.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (332.20 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.06of26.The.tiny.platelets.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (311.07 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.07of26.The.heart.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (334.77 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.08of26.Breathing.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (330.82 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.09of26.The.brain.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (348.78 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.10of26.The.neurones.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (349.65 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.11of26.The.eye.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (341.41 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.12of26.The.ear.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (351.13 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.13of26.The.skin.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (336.27 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.14of26.The.mouth.and.the.teeth.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (352.17 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.15of26.The.digestion.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (347.74 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.16of26.The.liver.factory.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (346.95 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.17of26.The.kidneys.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (338.17 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.18of26.The.lymphatic.system.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (347.36 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.19of26.The.bones.and.the.skeleton.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (334.60 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.20of26.The.muscles.and.the.fat.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (340.55 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.21of26.Toxin.wars.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (348.28 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.22of26.The.vaccination.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (334.52 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.23of26.The.hormones.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (347.13 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.24of26.The.chain.of.life.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (349.09 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.25of26.Repairs.and.changes.Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (349.25 Mb)
Once.upon.a.time...Life.26of26.And.life.goes.on....Xvid.MP3.en.de.fr.es.mvgroup.org.avi (336.55 Mb)

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