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Travel Documentary hosted by Lisa Pasold, published by Discovery Channel in 2013 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Paris Next Stop is the series that discovers Paris and its marvels, through the maze of its metro stations. And it is a tribute to the most beautiful city in the world, seen from a wide variety of historical, cultural and sociological points of view. Paris Next Stop pulls out all the stops to bring the audience a fresh and original look at Paris and its wonders, as seen from the top metro stops that dot the city. The series tells you how, shows you where, takes you there.

[edit] Opera

Today, we want to take you to the Opera! The Opera Metro station that is, right in the heart of Baron Haussmann's Paris. We will start at the eye-popping Opera house, and we don't have far to go to admire some of the spectacular architecture, opulent shops and jewellery-makers, historic cafes and perfume shops (parfumeries). Many, many spots where to take a break and enjoy a bite to eat in a city with a surprising variety of tastes.

[edit] Montparnasse Bienvenue

When we hop off the Metro, we walk out into one of this amazing city's most creative and busy neighbourhoods, with a huge tower at its centre, tiny historic artists studios in every corner. We will marvel over great works of sculpture, paintings, photographs, crafts and even the culinary arts as we get in elbow to elbow with crowds at the rail station that links Paris to Brittany. Cafes...Crypts....Caricatures and Croissants... all in the most beautiful city in the world!

[edit] Charles de Gaulle Etoile

This time, we will be turning our heads at the many things to do and see around one of the most iconic traffic circles (roundabouts) in Paris. We will stroll famous boulevards and visit the historic and delightful businesses that line them. We will taste timeless Parisian treats and we will remember the brave souls who fought for this magnificent city. All this, and one of the most recognizable monuments anywhere, as I continue to show you the hidden treasures of the City of Lights.

[edit] Grands Boulevards

We are in the historic and romantic Paris. Today we're strolling along the boulevards around the Grands Boulevards metro stop. We will be popping into passageways that feel just like the 19th century. The 'arcades' off the Boulevards were the first shopping centers of France, and today they're a delight for art lovers and collectors. So let's discover the fabulous 'passages' of Paris and check in on some celebrities! We will visit a famous cinema, historic theatres and even a museum dedicated to the Freemasons secret society.

[edit] Place DItalie

Today, I want to take you to the 3rd arrondissement of Paris, a neighbourhood at the south of the city offering many different faces. We will see concrete towers, cobblestone streets reminiscent of historic Paris, and visit the village-like oasis Butte aux Cailles. We will meet artisans and shopkeepers...and get to know why this is one of the best places to become familiar with the real city, away from major tourist attractions.

[edit] Les Halles

This time, we are at metro station Les Halles in central Paris. We will discover the story of the famous Halles market and we will visit the underground city that has replaced it. We will meet a few little monsters, some local merchants and visit historic and religious sites. We will also take this opportunity to enjoy a meal at a good restaurant. Les Halles is an area that has experienced major changes over its history... and by no means is it done evolving.

[edit] Saint Paul

We are going to explore the narrow streets and breathtaking old buildings of the area known as "Old Paris"... Some of the oldest buildings in this City survive here brilliantly restored and occupied by wonderful merchants, scrumptious pastry shops, and priceless museums. We will see urban planning, King Henry the 4th style, marvel at the only Jesuit Church in Paris, and at the only synagogue designed by Hector Guimard... and we'll taste Italian gelato in the heart of the French capitol.

[edit] Saint Germain des Pres

We are going to explore the amazing Paris neighbourhood of St-Germain-des-Pres. This is the famous Left Bank, the Rive Gauche, filled with famous cafes, bookshops and churches, as well as spectacular theatres. This is an unforgettable neighbourhood, important during the French revolution, crucial for jazz and for all kinds of creative inspiration.

[edit] Invalides

Today, we are walking into the heart of Paris politics and history, welcome to the Invalides! We will see the residence built by Sun King Louis the 14th for his wounded soldiers which is also the site of Napoleon's tomb. We will go underground to see the famous sewers of Paris. And coming out admire a gorgeous bridge and an historic American church. This neighbourhood is also the home of the French National Assembly so restaurants here cater to decision-making political class. And supervising it The Thinker, in the extraordinary Rodin museum.

[edit] Bir Hakeim

As soon as you think of Paris, you picture the Eiffel Tower, so for today's show, we will be visiting the 'Iron Lady', and much more too. The area around the iconic symbol of France is packed with fascinating things to see and do. I will take you along one of my favourite market streets, visit a peaceful house of worship and check out a charming traditional puppet show, along with amazing places to eat and some of the most beautiful buildings in all of Paris...

[edit] Bastille

The name Bastille conjures images of stone castle towers, imprisoned noblemen and revolution... but there is so much more to this amazing neighbourhood. Today we will visit artisans who still work in this once insurgent part of Paris and taste fabulous French food. We will mingle elbow to elbow with the people in the markets of the Bastille, and go underground to kick up our heels, medieval style.

[edit] Buttes Chaumont

Paris is a city of neighbourhoods, and today, we are visiting the wonderful quartiers of the Buttes Chaumont and Belleville. Come with me to discover a large English-style park here in the northeast part of the city. We will go to a contemporary art showing, and visit a fabulous local store to learn all about cheese! We will discover a bistro like no other, with the inhabitants of one of the friendliest areas in Paris.

[edit] Gambetta

We are in the outer limits of Paris today exploring the neighbourhood surrounding the Gambetta metro station. This is Belleville, traditionally a working class neighbourhood in Paris and a gateway for newcomers to the city. This is where the legendary Piaf was born, the songstress who brought French music to the world. We will visit one of the few Art Deco churches in Paris and as well as the largest green space in Paris: the Lachaise cemetery where many personalities rest.

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