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Nature Documentary hosted by Desmond Morris and Diana Rigg, published by BBC in 1991 - English narration

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This collection brings us some of the Desmond Morris' TV programmes about the Animal World. We know him as a renowned author, but he has also appeared in around 500 episodes of "Zootime" for Granada and 100 "Life in the Animal World" programmes for the BBC. Beside a highly-respected broadcaster and author, Morris is also celebrated artist and a revered academic.

Desmond Morris was born January 24, 1928 in Purton, North Wiltshire, United Kingdom. He is a British zoologist, ethologist, author, and surrealist painter. After Morris' military service, he attended the University of Birmingham and graduated in 1951 with a First Class Honours Degree in Zoology. In 1954, he received a D.Phil from Oxford University. After graduation, Morris was a Curator of Mammals at the London Zoo until 1966. Morris was a presenter of the ITV television program "Zoo Time" in the 1950s, but may be best-known for his 1967 best-selling book, The Naked Ape, which describes the evolution of human behavior from a zoological point-of-view. Morris has authored nearly fifty scientific publications, also written and presented many television programmes both for Granada and the BBC.

Desmond Morris has continued his career with great enthusiasm maintaining his interests in animal behaviour research, television programme and film-making. His other significant publications have included 'Manwatching, a Field-Guide to Human Behaviour' (1977), 'Babywatching' (1991), 'The Human Animal' (1994) and 'Peoplewatching' (2002). Notably significant television and film productions have also included 'The Human Race' (1982), and 'The Animals Roadshow' - which proved to be widely popular over a three-year run in the 1980s.

In this collection we meet farmyard animals and pets, which after generations of domestication still have many features of their wild ancestors.

[edit] Beasts of the Field

Think twice before you head out into the sheep pasture next time. The seemingly harmless sheep is perhaps not as timid as they seem. In fact, even domesticated many times they can demonstrate wild instincts. Domestic species are complex social beings who, despite having lived as domestic animals for thousands of years, are still much closer to wild animals than you may think. Desmond Morris (an expert in both human and animal behavior) shows how they defend their territory, attacking predators, play dead and battle for supremacy - out on the seemingly idyllic green fields surrounded by fences.

Producer: Hilary Jeffkins Executive Producer: Mike Beynon Presented by: Desmond Morris OriginaIIy transmitted: 24 December 1989

[edit] The lncredible Edible Dormouse

It lives in Britain, but few people have heard of it. It is adorable, but it is a pest. From one time being raised by the Romans for the feast, dormouse is now both loved and hated. Cute dormouse is a charming little creature with big saucer eyes and big bushy tail. Attics, electrical wiring, orchards, kitchen cupboards, organ pipes – all have received a visit by this annoying creature. This film shows the dormouse in its natural English environment where it demonstrates its agility and acrobatic ability by jumping between tree branches in the dark.

Producer: Bernard Walton Narrated by: Diana Rigg Originally transmitted: 16 April 1990

[edit] Tiger on the Tiles

Why do cats love if you can cuddle with them? Why do they spend so much time trying to clean themselves? And why do they bring home dead mice? According to Desmond Morris the answer to these questions lays how the modern house cat behavior is still largely governed by ancient instincts. The domestic cat is a contradiction. No other animal has ever developed such an intimate relation to man and at the same time demanded, and got the opportunity, to move as freely and independently.

Producer: Sara Ford Executive Producer: Mike Beynon Presented by: Desmond Morris Originally transmitted: 24 December 1988

[edit] The Wolf in Your Living Room

Even the most welldressed companion dog is a wild at heart. Playing with favorite toy and shake it up and back, to eat blink of an eye, swirling around in circle before he curls on the kitchen floor, eager lick to the master's face - all this is in fact instinctive behavior that once encouraged the dog's survival.

Producer: Mike Beynon Presented by: Desmond Morris Originally transmitted: 4 April 1988

[edit] The Zebra in Your Stable

Inside each riding pony, work horse, training horse and race horse lurks a relative to Burchell’s zebra from Ngorongoro crater in Tanzania - the famous white horses in the Camargue and the mustangs that run freely over North America's prairies. This film contains intimate footage of wild horses whose behaviour Desmond Morris interprets and compares with their trained counterparts.

Producer: Sara Ford Presented by: Desmond Morris Originally transmitted: 22 December 1991

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