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[edit] General Information

Culture, Travel Documentary hosted by Blake Stilwell and published by Discovery Channel in 2008 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Planet-Luxury-Season-2-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Planet Luxury is about the best of the best. Everyday items with the panache to place them on the shopping lists of the truly wealthy. By travelling to the source, the audience finds out how these exquisite items are made, why they cost so much and what kind of people will shell out all that cash to buy them. From stunning diamonds, to the world’s fastest and most expensive cars, to vintage wines and priceless watches, Planet Luxury is a whirlwind ride around the world showcasing the ultimate in luxury.

[edit] Hot Cars and Hot Lips

In this episode of Planet Luxury, prepare to buckle up and pucker up. We'll take a thrill ride in the Bugatti Veyron16.4, a French dream machine that is part car, part rocket and part fabulous. And while we are in France we'll dtop by in Paris to try a KissKiss that is heavy on bling-bling. With this luscious diamond and gold lipstick from Guerlain, you can give your amour a 62-thousand dollar smooch.

[edit] Movie Magic Bright Lights and Brewsky

In this episode of Planet Luxury,we'll raise the curtain on the Oscar of home theatres. Goldmund's plush, acoustically perfect paradise costs more than half a million dollars and can make a couch potato feel like a king. Then we'll pull out our designer sunglasses and switch on luxury that's crystal clear. The Baccarat Soltice chandelier from France works 100 thousand dollars worth of magic with light. And it's bottoms up for the world's most expensive beer. At 400 bucks a bottle, Jacobsen vintage No 1 from Denmark is the champagne of brewskies.

[edit] Hot Legs and Liquid Gold

In this episode, Planet Luxury whips up and zips up a denim dream or the discriminating derriere. The Ernest Sewn comp[any takes the humble blue jean and turns it into an 11 thousand dollar golden laced spectacle of haute couture. and we're off to France to raise a glass to the holy grail of cognac. Hennessey's Beaute de Siecie is 200 thousand dollars worth of titillation for the high class tongue.

[edit] Treats Trotters and Tombs

In this episode, Planet Luxury picks up its silver spoon and indulges in the food of gods. At the plush Petrossian restaurant in Manhattan, one luscious mouthful of the world's finest caviar costs as much as a king's feast. Then we'll trot over to Kuwait and take a ride on the steed of sultans. An Egyptian Arabic horse can sell for as much as 2 million dollars. And then we're off to Italy to lie down in luxury that's eternally yours. The handmade 200 thousand dollar Leonardo casket is the ultimate way to go out in style.

[edit] Truffles Bubbles and Tees

In this episode, Planet Luxury we'll travel to Norwalk, Connecticut, for a melt in your mouth look at the most luscious and pricey chocolates of the world. The Knipschildt Chocolatier whips up sweet dreams that sell for more than 6 thousand a kilo. then we're off to Ireland to tee off on one of the most spectacular golf courses in the world. the Old Head Golf Links is a supreme green with million dollar views and membership fees high enough to make any duffer swoon. And we'll take a dive into the fishy equivalent of a mansion in Beverly Hills. at up to a million dollars apiece, Living Colour aquariums are designed for fish who want to be up to their gills in luxury.

[edit] Soaring Strolling and Styling

On this episode of Planet Luxury, we’ll take off to Savannah, Georgia, to fly in the limousines of the skies. Gulfstream jets are flying fantasies with cool cockpits, decadent d├ęcor and stratospheric price tags. Then, we’re off to England to meet the master of magnificent mazes. Adrian Fisher’s $100,000 works of living art are a hedgy hit with aristocrats who really want to get lost in luxury. Finally, we’ll go to Brooklyn to reveal the silky secret of some of the best-tressed women in the world. Haute couture wigs from iWig sell for thousands of dollars and make the bad hair day a thing of the past.

[edit] Ships Scents and Luxury Loos

On this episode of Planet Luxury, we’ll sail away aboard the world’s most fabulous super-yachts. Trinity Yachts of Mississippi builds sleek, snazzy, over-the-top dream boats that sell for up to $200-million. Then, we’re off to gay Paris to dab on some of the world’s most expensive eau de toilette. In a palace of perfume on the Champs-Elysees, Guerlain creates 50-thousand-dollar potions that are the ultimate scent of a woman. And, we’ll test out a toilet that’s positively flush with luxury. With its built-in bun warmer, air dryer and computer brain, the Neorest 600 from TOTO is the ultimate throne for the pampered princess.

[edit] Sparklers Soles and Expresso

This episode of Planet Luxury whisks us to a dream factory guaranteed to put a sparkle in the eye of any diamond lover. The Gemesis Corporation in Florida uses high-tech to create glittering, coloured diamonds that give Mother Nature a run for her money. Then, we’ll step up to Pennsylvania to find out where the well-heeled gents get their shoes. Perry Ercolino handcrafts fabulous shoes that, at more than $3,000 a pair, are like leathery love for the modern-day dandy. And, we’ll spit, sputter and swoosh with the best espresso maker in the world. The $17,000 Venus Century machine from Italy is a stunning copper-and-brass god that turns sipping java into a religious experience.

[edit] Ritzy Rides and Wonder Woods

In this episode of Planet Luxury, get ready for a classy cruise in a British dream machine. With its masterful craftsmanship, sumptuous, supple leathers and cool retractable roof, the 400,000-dollar Bentley Azure drives away the blues in superstar style. Then, we’re off to Vancouver to feast our eyes on the dining table of the super-rich. The William Switzer company fashions fabulous furniture out of the world’s finest wood. Even with a single chair selling for as much as $60,000, Christina Aguilera and other celebs just can’t get enough of that swish Switzer style.

[edit] Dream Dresses Super Sweets and Green Machines

In this episode of Planet Luxury, prepare to say “I do” to an out-of-this-world wedding. First, we stop in Beverly Hills to meet Renee Strauss, the diva of divine nuptial designs. With a client list that includes Heather Locklear, Raquel Welch and the stars of General Hospital, Strauss is the undisputed queen of big-ticket tulle, trains and lace. Then, we’re off to London to meet royalty of the buttercream-and-chocolate variety. Marzipan maven Mich Turner makes mouth-wateringly gorgeous towers of sugary pleasure for the likes of Madonna, Pierce Brosnan and David Beckham. Finally, we head to San Diego to tee off in a high-tech fantasy for the golf fanatic. With the power to bring dozens of the world’s greatest courses to your living room, the $75,000 Full Swing golf simulator is worth the green.

[edit] Electric Dreams Hot Stuff and Fairway Fantasies

In this episode of Planet Luxury, we’re off to California to prove you can help save the planet -- and look sizzling hot at the same time. The $110,000 Tesla Roadster, the world’s first all-electric luxury sports car, is a super-snazzy combo of sex appeal and environmental sensitivity. Then, we hit Paris to turn up the heat on the world’s greatest stoves. With a price tag that percolates at $100,000, the Grand Palais stove from La Cornue is the Rolls-Royce of roasting. And, we’ll funk up the fairways of New York in one holy hotrod of a golf cart. Retractable roofs, stereo systems and $30,000 price tags mean Orange County Golf Carts are way above par.

[edit] Hip Boats and Hot Rocks

In this episode of Planet Luxury, we’ll whisk to the waters of Kentucky to cruise in sultry summer style. The Thoroughbred Houseboat company whips up floating fantasies decked out with mahogany cabinets, gas fireplaces and bronze statues. In a houseboat that costs as much as $2-million, you’re guaranteed to feel like the queen of the waves. Then, put on your sunglasses and get ready for a rush of razzle-dazzle. The new Leviev jewellery stores in London and New York carry posh pieces that can cost tens of millions of dollars. In the world of big-ticket bling, Leviev is king.

[edit] Wonder Wheels Mini Mansions and Chic Shades

This episode of Planet Luxury, we’re off to Beantown to push a pair of super-posh pedals. Boston’s Seven Cycles company rolls out souped-up, custom-made bicycles that sell for as much as $25,000 apiece. With their sleek looks, carbon fibre and world-class steel, Seven Cycles bikes have a lock on fabulous design. Then, we’re off to Los Angeles to check out some chichi pads that would make any pampered little princess -- or posh pooch -- swoon. La Petite Maison’s mini-mansions for kids and dogs are filled to their ritzy rafters with luxury and sell for as much as $60,000. And while we’re in the Sunshine State, we’ll try on the world’s hottest -- and most expensive -- shades. Dripping with gold and gems, Luxuriator sunglasses cost up to $150,000 and grace your face with movie star glamour.

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