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[edit] General Information

History, Sociopolitical, Technology, War Documentary published by Others in 2006 - English narration

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Image: Raid-on-the-Reactor-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

For the first time ever, the Israeli government is releasing top secret documents detailing the secret plans, strategies and implementation of their heralded raid on the Iraqi nuclear facility in 1981, one of the most daring and successful military strikes ever.

Faced with a nuclear threat from Saddam Hussein's Iraq, Israel resolved to eliminate a French-built, Baghdad-based reactor producing weapons-grade plutonium. Risking certain international condemnation and the loss of aid from the United States, the IDF utilized their eight newly delivered F-16 fighter jets to bomb the reactor in the heart of Baghdad. The story of the planning of the raid is just as gripping as the raid itself and includes tales of international spies, targeted assassinations, blackmail and prostitution – everything one would expect in a fictional spy novel, only this story is true.

World Premiere was on Thursday, February 23, 2006. Text above from this webpage.

Poster Notes : This is a somewhat amateur TV capture, the original capper posted it to EDonkey2000. PB obtained it from there and edited out the commercials that were still included.

Quality is fair, not excellent, but the material is unique and covers an important topic in Middle Eastern and nuclear proliferation Histories.

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  • Ripped by ........... : Unknown capper, released on ed2k. Edited (commercials removed) and torrented by PolarBear

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