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[edit] General Information

Travel Documentary hosted by Michael Palin and published by BBC in 1993 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Rail-Away-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Ex-Python Michael Palin began his new and illustrious career as a global adventurer with this BBC-produced travelogue, journeying across the UK by train, from Derry to Kerry, reminiscing about his childhood hobby of trainspotting.

[edit] Scotland

The journey leads to Scotland. Travelling by train, we cross the country from east to west. Scotland. A country of contrast with sweet valleys and desolate Highlands. A country of bagpipes, whisky, myths and legends.

[edit] Ireland

From the south-west of the Republic of Ireland we travel across the country and arrive in Portrush in Northern Ireland. Travelling by train is an ideal way to examine this country, because the railway itself has a very rich history.

[edit] Nostalgia Royal Scotsman

Nostalgia is the key word in this journey taking us from Edinburgh in Scotland to Britain's capital London in the comfort of the Royal Scotsman.

[edit] France and Corsica

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys will track through the south of France. We will first get to know the area of Nice and afterwards we will catch the boat to the island of Corsica. Under a brilliant sunny blue sky various trains will take us along the beautiful coast and through high mountainous landscapes, to Mediterranean villages and historical cities. It will be a journey that shows why Corsica is fondly dubbed the 'Ile de Beaute': island of beauty.

[edit] Spain

The railway takes us to the south of Spain. The train we travel through beautiful Andalusia with Seville and Grenada as the most important places. Andalusia with its flamenco, sherry, fiesta's and bull-fights, typifies the stereotypes of Spain, well-known, but ever so interesting.

[edit] Portugal 1

This journey takes us through the most western country of Europe: Portugal. We follow the rail along the famous Douro Valley. The Douro river has been the pulsating heart of the world-famous port.

[edit] Portugal 2

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys travels through Portugal. We travel from the highest mountain of Portugal, then along the banks of the Tagus River to the western-most shore of Europe.

[edit] Russia 1

We will be travelling through the north of Russia with the White Nights Steam Express. We will be making a 5500 kilometre tour with St. Petersburg as both point of departure and arrival.

[edit] Russia 2

This is part two of our train journey through Russia. We will visit the cities of the Golden Ring and Moscow. Firstly we're heading for Arkhangelsk. At the end of this episode we'll return to St. Petersburg, the city where we began our train journey 5500 kilometres earlier.

[edit] Germany 1

In this episode we visit former East Germany. This tour brings us from Dresden to the capital Berlin and then via the commercial city of Rostock to the isle of Rugen.

[edit] Germany 2

Germany: A country that has known both high and low points in its history. In contrast with the dark blemish of the Second World War there has also been the historic collapse of the Berlin Wall, marking the end of the Cold War. Despite the destruction of the war, the country has developed into one of the most powerful economic nations in the world. With the high-speed intercity trains of the Deutsche Bahn we follow the track along the busy Rhine.

[edit] Switzerland 1

Switzerland. A paradise for train travellers as this is one of the most finely-intertwined and heavily-travelled railway networks in the world. The combined length of the railway tracks of this Alps country total 5000 kilometres! Their efficient and spectacular routes make the Swiss trains an excellent means of transport for tourists to discover the country.

[edit] Switzerland 2

In this part of the series we'll go from the heart of Switzerland straight across Europe's highest mountains towards the south of the country. It's going to be a journey on one of the most difficult tracks in the world. The train will take the travellers through hundreds of tunnels, passing deep ravines and steep slopes. We shall not only see beautiful scenery, but we'll get to know Swiss culture as well. The Wilhelm Tell Express goes by land and sea.

[edit] Norway

Norway is virtually unknown to train and enthusiasts. This is not entirely justified. Unknown, unloved, as they say. Indeed, the Norwegians cannot boast any great train history. For centuries Norway was one of the poorest countries of Europe. Since the beginning of the seventies oil and gas resources have been successfully exploited and the country's prosperity has vastly increased. And this has not failed to have an effect on the rail network.

[edit] Finland

Finland. Land of a thousand lakes. In this part of the serial we follow the breathtaking track to the south-east of Finland. A journey with great variety, ending up with a visit to Finland's unique opera festival.

[edit] Denmark

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys will travel trough Denmark, along the road of the Vikings. We're travelling from Kopenhagen, via Odense, Arhus and Hobro, to Aalborg.

[edit] Denmark to Sweden

This time, the railway brings us to Northern Europe. We travel by train to Denmark and we cross the Baltic Sea to Sweden. It's going to be a trip over wonderful railways, across vast nature reserves and past lively cities.

[edit] Hungary

Hungary. Various trains, old and young, are available to explore this fascinating country. Since Hungary has turned from a communist state into a Western democracy, the country has developed a tradition of hospitality. Hungary by train has much to offer. The rail leads us to all sorts of regions where one can fully experience Hungarian culture.

[edit] Romania

Romania, a country on the borderline of the Middle and East Europe. By rail we travel from the capital Bucharest to the heart of the country. In a way travelling through Romania is like travelling through time. At places where the rails cut through the country, we see pictures that in the West belong to the past. We'll visit the centres of Bucharest and Brasov. With their little bricks and old-fashioned houses these cities provide romantic scenery.

[edit] Czech Republic

This time the World's Greatest Railway Journeys travels through the Czech Republic. We pass through the regions of Moravia and Bohemia and, of course, we also pay a visit to the capital city of Prague.

[edit] Holland

Although some places are still hard to reach, Holland has one of the most dense railway-networks in the world. We take a look at the miniature trains of Madurodam and we rush by 'double-deck' through the colourful bulb-fields of North Holland.

[edit] Poland

The World's Greatest Railway Journeys travels to Central Europe for a total of three train trips through the Republic of Poland. Point of departure is the capital: Warsaw. (they also visit Cracow - m06166)

[edit] Austria

"Country of mountains" are the first words to the national anthem. These same mountains are the biggest tourist attraction and major source of income for the country to which the World's Greatest Railway Journeys will take you this time, Austria.

[edit] Orient Express

The Orient Express is Europe's most famous train. For almost a century this train was the means of transportation for the wealthy of this earth. A section of line with a stirring history, passes by beautiful towns and splendid landscapes. A 'killer' journey and not only because Agatha Christie once put Hercule Poirot to work here.

[edit] Greece

The railway leads through one of Europe's oldest civilizations: Greece. "Chosen by the gods" is how the Greeks like to present their land, Zeus, Apollo and Aphrodite lived there. Philosophers like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle worked here on their theories. Greece, the cradle of democracy. A journey by train, here is a journey through antiquity.

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