Rebels and Redcoats - How Britain lost America

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Richard Holmes and published by BBC in 2003 - English narration

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Image: Rebels-and-Redcoats-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Historian Richard Holmes brings us the extraordinary story of America's first civil war. We've been told that the War of Independence was the American people's struggle for liberty against an oppressive colonial power. However, many Americans were loyal to the British Crown throughout the war; men and women often chose sides not because they wanted freedom, but because they wanted their neighbour's land. Using vivid reconstruction, eye-witness accounts, original documents and paintings, and Richard's proven story-telling skills, this film overthrows traditional perceptions about these compelling years. As the story unfolds, the truth emerges - a truth far more fascinating than we were ever led to believe.

[edit] The Shot Heard Around the World

America is split over whether to break with Britain or to stay loyal to the Crown. Tensions escalate until a British force is sent out to confiscate an arms cache. They are expecting a riot; they get a revolution. The Americans triumph at Boston, forcing the British to withdraw.

[edit] American Crisis 1776

Washington is forced out of New York. His army begins to desert him, until a daring raid across a frozen river gives him victory at Trenton. But the British still seem to be masters in this war, capturing the great Fort Ticonderoga.

[edit] The War Moves South

The British open a new front in the southern colonies. They win a series of victories against American and French forces, and find a new army of recruits amongst former slaves. Thousands of African Americans join the British in the expectation of freedom. The war in the south is an untold story, the stuff of nightmares. It becomes a savage war of partisans, border raids and guerilla style skirmishing.

[edit] The World Turned Upside Down

The British have enjoyed command of the sea, and with it the ability to move thousands of troops to wherever they are needed. But now an extraordinary naval blunder allows the French fleet to isolate a large British garrison at Yorktown. Surrender is inevitable, giving overall victory to Washington and his French allies. Those who have supported the British, the loyalists, thousands of African Americans and American Indians are left to the mercy of the new state.

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