Red Urbex: Ghost Buildings of the Eastern Block

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[edit] General Information

Travel Documentary with no narration published by Arte in 2019 - English language

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Image: Red-Urbex-Ghost-Buildings-of-the-Eastern-Block-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

On 9 November 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. In Eastern Europe, the great buildings of communism were deserted, looted and forgotten. Now in ruins, these spectacular and threatening settings have remained frozen in the past. Red Urbex explores the ruins of communist constructions across Eastern Europe. On the occasion of the thirty years of the fall of the Berlin Wall, eight urban explorations, "Urbex", take us through the ruins of communism. Since the end of the Eastern block, these constructions, both spectacular and threatening remained frozen, abandoned like gaping scars of a past utopia. From Stalin's secret sanatorium in Georgia to the flying saucer of Bouzloudja in Bulgaria, urban explorations in the footsteps of nostalgic "soviet fans", followers of red brutalism and crazy tourists. Directed by Anne-Lise Carlo ; ARTE France and Squaw Co-Production with CNC Eight segments joined in single file.

[edit] East Germany: The Red Army Vanishes

The Russian military base at Wunsdorf near Berlin was abandoned after the Berlin Wall fell. When the Soviet soldiers returned to Russia, they left behind a ghost town of the Cold War era.

[edit] Bulgaria: Communism's UFO

This masterpiece of brutalist architecture was built in 1981 in the middle of the Bulgarian mountains under the leadership of Todor Jivkov. It was a near-sacred place during the era of Bulgarian communism, but now it's fallen into near-ruin.

[edit] Croatia: Tito's Last Folly

It now stands forgotten on a Croatian mountain, but this steel monument that took 7 years to build was to remember the uprising of the people against fascism in the former Yugoslavia.

[edit] Georgia: Stalin's Secret Sanatorium

Tskaltubo, Georgia, is now a shadow of what it once was; one of the most popular Soviet spas. Stalin enjoyed coming here. But now, it's fallen into disuse and disrepair. These ruins blend classic Stalinist architecture with Georgian ethnic motifs. A haunting, melancoly trip through a piece of history that's fast disappearing.

[edit] Albania: The Tyrant's Pyramid

In Tirana, the monument was erected in 1988 in honour of the Albanian dictator Enver Hoxha. Now, it's an empty mausoleum. After the fall of the regime, the statues were broken, and the building looted.

[edit] Moldova: Ghosts of the Soviet Circus

Inaugurated in 1981 by the Soviet authorities, the circus of Chisinau was designed as a braided basket of concrete. It's become an iconic building in the heart of the Moldavian capital.

[edit] Belgrade: A Brutalist Jewel

This brutalist skyscraper was built in 1977 for a large Yugoslavian company, Genex. Described as "the ugliest building in the world", this incredible brutalist skyscraper is loved and hated in Belgrade in equal measure.

[edit] Moldova: The Colossal Communist Tower

Nicknamed the "corn cob" for its circular shape, this brutalist Moldovan tower was built in 1986 to provide temporary accommodation. It was supposed to last a hundred years but it's already decaying. People still live in this concrete rotunda which at times can feel oppressive.

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