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Nature Documentary hosted by Patrick Floersheim, published by FL Concepts & Co in 2012 - English narration

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[edit] Information

From the Californian Condor, to the Arabian Oryx, from the Golden Lion Tamarin and the Hawksbill Turtle in Brazil to the Przewalski Horse, this series offers a rare glimpse at some of Nature's most remarkable species and takes you onboard the scientific adventures undertaken to save them from extinction. Discover the fate of these animals once thought to be saved until a new danger rises... Each film recounts a true race against time, strewn with twists, moments of despair or solidarity, setbacks and triumphs.

[edit] The Turtle Who Came Out of Nowhere

While diving off the Brazilian coast to capture and measure the growth of once-extinct sea turtles, scientists are approached by a previously undiscovered species of turtle. Does this new animal pose a threat to the recovering sea turtles of Brazil?

[edit] The Condors Egg

Following the story of three California condors - Shadow, Amigo and Cosmo - we discover the destiny of this miraculously saved species. The California condor was reintroduced into the wild just twenty years ago and has managed to repopulate its former territories. Even so, our heroes now face new threats which cast a shadow over their success story. While scientists have found solutions for a syndrome affecting Shadow, the one that is endangering Amigo and Cosmo is still a mystery.

[edit] The Curse of the African Hunting Dog

No steps were taken that could have protected the African hunting dog - seen as a dangerous, bloodthirsty pariah - from the dangers that threatened it. The fragmentation of territory, decline of prey and habitat, snares, poison bait and intensive hunting it has faced have brought the African wild dog to the brink of extinction today. From Botswana to Africa, exploring the work of researchers, biologists, enthusiasts and simple volunteers who follow, monitor, care for and study its different populations from day to day, we discover the real life battle to save the African hunting dog from the threat of extinction.

[edit] Oryx Evacuees

Before the last wild oryx was killed in 1972, the countries in the region had launched initiatives in partnership with Western zoos and local reserves to protect the species from the looming danger of extinction. The first reintroductions into the wild in the 80s were rapidly successful. The species bred and its numbers increased. The oryx came to illustrate the feasibility of conserving and reintroducing an endangered species. The animal was saved. However, the elation was short-lived. Poaching again began to decimate the antelope. By the start of the year 2000, in a rare twist, the species was judged endangered for the second time! Once more, a broad alliance of partners had to join forces to protect it from this new threat.

[edit] Horses in Search of a King

By 1969 Przewalski’s wild horses had vanished in the wild, but 12 survivors remained in different zoos. Though these survivors are once again roaming the Mongolian wilds, now a genetic anomaly is threatening the fragile Przewalski population

[edit] Tamarins under Siege

Not far from Rio De Janeiro lies the last home of the Golden Lion Tamarin. These primates narrowly escaped extinction in the 1970s, but now a new intruder into their habitat threatens them once again. Will this spell the end for the Golden Lion Tamarin?

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