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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Adam Mastrelli, published by Smithsonian Channel in 2019 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Secrets-Unlocked-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Secrets Unlocked: Series 1 Our world holds remarkable relics that are full of secrets, written in stone, gold, and blood. Discovering the truths behind these mysteries could change history as we know it. Join host Adam Mastrelli as he brings us face-to-face with these puzzling treasures. Explore hidden corners of the world, decipher ancient documents, and apply groundbreaking research and forensic techniques in our quest to discover the truth about these fabled cities, monuments, and remnants.

[edit] Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden, the Bible's most famous story, is considered by many to be an allegory about where humanity originated. But to some there is the possibility that this place exists on Earth. Now, the discovery of an archaeological wonder in southeast Turkey may hold the secret to the location of Adam and Eve's Paradise on Earth. Guided by host Adam Mastrelli, we investigate the oldest monumental structure ever built and see how it has revolutionized our understanding of prehistoric nomads.

[edit] Jonah and the Whale

On a mission to erase history, ISIS obliterated the shrine of the biblical prophet Jonah in Mosul, Iraq and may have inadvertently revealed the historical reality behind one of the Old Testament's most mysterious stories. Discover how an opportunity born out of the destruction of war helped archaeologists unearth new truths about the tale of Jonah and the Whale. Once dismissed as fiction, new evidence suggests that the prophet, the wicked king he warned to repent, and the original "Sin City" of Nineveh, may have been real.

[edit] Shrunken Heads

Thousands of shrunken heads are in museums around the world, some on display, and others locked away. Shockingly, many of them are real human heads. But what is the true story behind this strange and disturbing phenomenon? Host Adam Mastrelli reveals how a team of anthropologists, historians, and scientists are answering these questions by using modern forensic science and advanced computer modeling. Join us as we uncover the dark tale behind this ancient ritual.

[edit] Ark of the Covenant

The story of the Ark of the Covenant goes back many centuries. According to the Bible, it was built by the Israelites at God's command 3,000 years ago to hold stone tablets engraved with the original Ten Commandments, then vanished 500 years later from Jerusalem--and from history. Host Adam Mastrelli guides us through an international investigation, where teams sift through evidence and hunt for physical clues to prove if the ark was real and to determine if it still exists today.

[edit] The Copper Scroll

A team of archaeologists discovered a 2,000-year-old scroll in 1952 in a cave near the ruins of an ancient settlement, Qumran. It was classified as a Dead Sea Scroll, but with two distinct differences: it was made of copper and it did not contain biblical text. Instead, it gave clues to what may be the biggest hoard of treasure ever buried. A team of experts travels to the Holy Land to visit the cave where the metal scroll was discovered, investigate "ghost" inscriptions about the Colosseum, and determine if the riches were ever found.

[edit] The Turin Shroud

Few objects in history have been more closely studied or caused as much controversy as the Turin Shroud. Is it a hoax made by a master craftsman, or could it be the world's oldest photograph? Join host Adam Mastrelli as he follows two experts who are exploring two radically different theories, using groundbreaking research and archaeological expertise. Their theories may differ, but they share one goal: to decode a treasure that has been revered, rejected, and argued about for over 600 years.

[edit] King Solomon's Mines

He was painted as a wise king who amassed a fortune in the Old Testament. His name was Solomon, and for centuries, historians have been on the hunt for the source of his legendary wealth. Now, recent discoveries in Israel's Timna Valley have revealed that the industrial-scale complex is actually 200 years younger and could have made King Solomon rich. Have archaeologists found proof that his mines are real? Host Adam Mastrelli takes us inside the state-of-the-art investigation.

[edit] Spear of Destiny

Before it landed in a museum in Vienna, the Spear of Destiny had a long and fascinating least according to legend. Claims that it pierced Jesus' side, was carried into battle by Charlemagne, and was coveted by Hitler have made for captivating stories. But is there merit to any of them? Host Adam Mastrelli follows a team of experts as they examine ancient texts and scrutinize the spear, layer-by-layer, through x-ray fluorescence technology.

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