Secrets of World War II: Set 1

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[edit] General Information

War Documentary hosted by Robert Powell, published by BBC in 1998 - English narration

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Image: Secrets-of-World-War-II-Set-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

You probably know the History, now discover the incredible SECRETS OF WORLD WAR II. Rarely has a war produced such clear cut reasons to fight as World War II. On the one hand were the totalitarian Dictators - Tojo, Hitler and Mussolini. On the other were the great democracies of the Western World which were gradually regaining their feet after the Great War of 1914-18 and the Wall Street Crash. Suddenly, ordinary men and women from all walks of life found themselves thrown into fearsome, nerve-tingling situations worthy of any Hollywood movie. The only difference in this series is that every story is true. Real people emerge as the Heroes of Telemark. Ordinary GIs and US Airforce and Navy personnel suddenly find themselves flying against the Japanese in China, jungle fighting in Burma and being dropped by submarine on enemy coasts at midnight. These untold stories can now be examined in great detail with the benefit of hindsight, newly-discovered archive film, maps and computer graphics which can complete the picture for today's viewer. Each fifty-two minute story covers the background to the main action. It will give the viewer a clear view of the historical context, the strategic objective and the tactical effort made by flyers, sailors and foot-soldiers - often in the most oppressive and life-threatening situations - to win victory from the enemy. This is an inspiring series with a giant canvas including much never before seen colour film. Over 300,000 hours of archive material have been searched for its compilation. Specially orchestrated music and compositions from the great composers all contribute to the excitement and drama of some of the world's greatest stories of bravery under fire. It is the largest series of its kind ever produced and with recently released secret footage will give the viewer a new insight into the great untold war stories of World War II. In many cases, this series gives the true stories for the first time this Century. Produced by Nugus/Martin Productions for BBC Worldwide Ltd

[edit] The Corpse that Fooled the Axis

Little did the Germans know that the body they discovered on the coast of Spain in 1943 was part of one of the most elaborate hoaxes of World War II.
On April 30, 1943. a British submarine surfaced off the coast of Spain and dropped a body into the sea. The corpse was to play a central role in one of the most elaborate deceptions in military history. How did one decomposed body cause an uproar in the German High Command, dupe Adolf Hitler and ensure the success of an Allied invasion? And who, exactly, was the mysterious body? Discover the fascinating secrets of "The Corpse that Fooled the Axis."
After victory in North Africa, the Allies needed an ingenious ruse to disguise the true target of their next invasion. Meet the officer of Britain's top-secret Double-Cross Committee who devised the brilliant solution -- "The Man Who Never Was." Find out how a notorious German spy ring unknowingly helped to hatch the devious plan. And, for the first time, learn the true identity and tragic story of the man, who in death, was able to save many thousands of lives.

[edit] Adolf Hitler's Last Days

With access to Eva Braun's personal photograph album, this programme reconstructs the final days in the Dictator's underground lair, and in particular it examines the possibility of escape for the selected few.
Even a half century after his violent end, the death of the 20th century's most sinister evil is still shrouded in mystery. How did Hitler spend his final hours? Did he actually die in his Chancellery bunker, or did Hitler's doppelganger make one final impersonation? Why was Joseph Stalin obsessed with finding Hitler's body? Return to the war-torn ruins of Berlin to discover the secrets of "Adolf Hitler's Last Days."
Descend into the passageways of the dictator's underground fortress and see why one SS guard likened it to "being stranded in a cement submarine." Be a witness to the details of Hitler's secret wedding to the bunker's "Angel of Death." With the help of England's top code-breakers, hear the Fuhrer's last desperate orders to his generals. Stand just outside Hitler's inner sanctum as he prepares for his ultimate escape. Then climb up to the streets of Berlin as the Third Reich makes one final, suicidal stand against the advancing Russian army.

[edit] Secret Mission to North Africa

After numerous adventures, a small number of American officers managed to rendezvous with their submarine on the North Africa coast in 1942 and relay back to Eisenhower information which would save thousands of British and American lives.
Before the Allies could invade North Africa in 1943, a critical question needed to be answered: Would the Vichy French guarding the coastline meet the Allied troops with open arms...or with bullets? Now learn of the daring plan to gain crucial French support and at the American general who risked his life on the "Secret Mission to North Africa."
Join General Mark Clark on a submarine voyage to the clandestine meeting with leaders of the Vichy French -- and find out how the trip nearly cost him his life. Trace the events that led to the invasion, including a shocking attack on the French navy by a trusted ally. Climb aboard Clark's transport, the HMS Seraph, and learn why it was the only ship during the war to have both an English and American commander. And witness the violent mix-up during the landings of Operation Torch as American soldiers struggle to determine friend from foe.

[edit] When Hitler Invaded America

In June 1942 two German U-Boats landed secret agents on Long Island and at Jacksonville, Florida. Their aim was sabotage… but their methods left a lot to be desired!
On the night of June 12, 1942, a German U-boat emerged from the fog just off the coast of Long Island. It's cargo: four Nazi agents equipped with forged documents, explosives and an ambitious plan to blow up America. Could a small team of trained saboteurs actually bring the mighty U.S. armament industry to a grinding halt? Discover the diabolical plot of destruction that unfolded "When Hitler Invaded America."
Meet the Nazi mastermind of "Operation Pastorius," and follow his freshly recruited operatives through their lethal training. See the ingenious explosive devices created to fulfill their mission. Find out why a startling encounter on the Long Island shore set off an intense FBI manhunt and how a remarkable betrayal led to the saboteurs' capture. For the first time, see what happened when Germany attempted to attack America...from the inside.

[edit] The Bruneval Raid

In 1942 a reconnaissance Spitfire photographed a strange shaped piece of German apparatus in a Normandy field. It turned out to be a sophisticated German radar system whose secrets had to be discovered.
On the night of February 27, 1942, British paratroopers dropped into snowcovered fields along the coast of France. Their mission: to capture a top secret German radar installation near the town of Bruneval. Relive the astonishing nighttime attack--and discover how it played a vital role in the Allied bombing offensive against Hitler's Reich in "The Bruneval Raid."
Witness the undercover battles of the radar war, where squiggles on an electronic screen meant the difference between life and death in the skies. See how the remarkable British home radar system prevented a full-scale Nazi invasion of England. Investigate the inner workings of the Luftwaffe's "X System," which made possible the precision bombing of enemy targets on the darkest night. Follow the elite British paratroops during guerrilla training for their covert attack on Bruneval. Then find out what happened at the Nazi radar station--when the raiders suddenly found themselves pinned down under a firestorm of German bullets.

[edit] What Really Happened to Rommel?

He was nicknamed the 'Desert Fox' and highly decorated by Hitler. However, Rommel was not in sympathy with the Nazi party and may have been involved in the plot to kill Hitler. Did the legendary German General commit suicide or was he murdered?
On October 14, 1944, Germany's greatest military leader said goodbye to his beloved wife and son, then drove away with two officers sent by Adolf Hitler. Just moments later, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel was dead. Was it suicide...or retribution? Why would the Fuhrer order the death of his one-time supporter and close ally? Discover the fascinating details of "What Really Happened to Rommel?"
Learn how a brave and potentially fatal act of defiance brought Rommel into Hitler's inner circle. Ride along with the famed "Ghost Division" across the African sands to see how the great tactician used a brilliant combination of bluffs, subterfuge and lightning-strike attacks to achieve his most famous victories. Follow the sequence of events that actually ended Rommel's career--and his life. And witness rare footage of the elaborate state funeral for Germany's favorite war hero, artfully orchestrated well before his death.

[edit] The Enigma Secret

By early 1940, British codebreakers at Bletchley Park, working with information from the Poles, had begun to crack the German military codes produced on the Enigma cipher machine. Once this had been achieved, the challenge was how to prevent the Germans from finding out their codes had been broken.
It was transmitted on a top-secret device capable of scrambling a message millions of different ways. The German high command was absolutely certain it was impossible to break. But the Allies did crack the enigma code, helping to shorten the war by years and save countless lives. How did Allied code-breakers decipher the unbreakable code? And why did their amazing accomplishment, "Cracking the Enigma Codes," remain classified for thirty years.
Find out how a tool originally designed for business became the world's most sophisticated military coding machine. Meet the mathematicians, chess masters and eccentrics of Britain's top-secret Bletchley Park -- and see how they overcame incredible odds to break Enigma. Examine a re-creation of the first electronic programmable computer and find out how it was able to read Hitler's most closely guarded commands. And learn how Allied code-breakers were crucial to victories in the Pacific, North Africa and on the beaches at Normandy.

[edit] Human Torpedoes

In 1941 four Italian frogmen used their two-man underwater 'chariots' to place explosive charges on two British battleships in Alexandria Harbour. They were the first of many brave men to use these unconventional weapons.
On the night of December 18, 1941, three frogmen from a top secret division of the Italian navy penetrated the harbor at Alexandria, Egypt. Riding just below the water's surface on specially modified torpedoes, the men silently approached their target--the battleship Queen Elizabeth, flagship of the British Mediterranean fleet. Now experience the daring raid of Italy's elite Decima Flottiglia MAS and discover the exploits of secret submersibles during World War II -- in "Human Torpedoes."
Visit the hidden floating base of the Decima MAS lying within sight of a British stronghold. Find out how Japanese midget subs played a key role in the destruction at Pearl Harbor. Catch a rare glimpse on an British submersible canoe, and see how the four-men "X"-craft put the Nazi battleship Tirpitz out of action. And witness enemy "Heaven Shakers"; explosive attacks on Allied ships. From the development of early underwater vessels to the last-ditch missions of kamikaze submersibles, discover how human torpedoes created danger beneath the waves.

[edit] Secrets of the Battle of the Bulge

In 1944 as Hitler faced defeat he tried one last gamble of an offensive on the Western Front. The result was the 'Battle of the Bulge'. But what the Germans did not know was the Allies were decoding their radio messages.
By late 1944, the Allied commanders were confident that the Third Reich was finished. But on December 16, thousands of storm troopers suddenly appeared from the mists of the Ardennes Forest and smashed into the weakest section of the American lines. How could an attack by twenty-five German divisions take the Allies completely by surprise. See the astonishing blunders made and the desperate risks taken in "Secrets of the Battle of the Bulge."
Learn how Hitler's "gambler's instinct" and a rivalry among Allied generals made Germany's last-ditch a shocking reality. See the electronic computer created to crack unbreakable coded Nazi messages -- and find out why the Allied command ignored its alarming discoveries. And dig in with the troops at Bastogne in a heroic effort to disrupt the German advance...and bring a bloody end to to the Battle of the Bulge.

[edit] Target Okinawa: The Greatest Sea/Air Battle in History

There have been larger land battles and more protracted air campaigns than Okinawa but this was a combined operation, unparalleled in size, scope and ferocity.
In April 1945, a U.S. bombardment of the Japanese-held island Okinawa rapidly escalated into the most intense battle of the Pacific. Thousands of Americans perished, and the Japanese lost ten times as many, along with their mightiest carrier, in what is described as "history's greatest madhouse." Discover the secret weapon that made such a decisive American victory possible -- and significantly shortened the entire war -- in "Target Okinawa: The Greatest Sea/Air Battle in History."
Find out how the Allied code-breakers gained access to Japan's most confidential battle plans...even before Pearl Harbor. Experience the fiercest battles leading up to Okinawa -- Coral Sea...Midway...Guadalcanal...Iwo Jima. Learn what happened on a top-secret mission to shoot down Japan's greatest military leader. Uncover the secret maps and plans to launch a suicide "tidal wave" against a U.S. attack -- made up entirely of Japanese civilians. And see why events at Okinawa led to the first use of the weapon to end all wars...the atomic bomb.

[edit] Above Us - The Enemy (Secrets of the Submarine War)

The underwater war saw many innovations and a rapid increase in electronic technology, which eventually enabled the Allies to achieve ultimate victory.
It was the only thing that truly frightened Winston Churchill. Silently patrolling the cold, gray waters of the Atlantic, the German U-boat almost sank Great Britain's chances for victory. How could the U-boat nearly sever England's lifeline? What were U-boats doing off the American coastline and in the Gulf of Mexico? And how did Allied submarines bring Japanese industry to a grinding halt? Learn the crucial role of the submarine in every theater of war in "Above Us the Enemy."
Discover how the accidental sinking of a merchant ship brought Great Britain into the war. Visit the claustrophobic quarters inside a U-boat as Allied depth charges mercilessly pound its fragile hull. Watch a furious battle between a British convoy and a "wolf pack." See the development of secret Allied technology for tracking and destroying Axis subs. And learn how the ramming of a German sub yielded a vital piece of equipment to help end the war.

[edit] The Secrets Behind the Battle of Guadalcanal

Hundreds of sailors, eight ships and two American Admirals were to be lost in actions where valour overcame many mistakes on both sides - leading to the defeat of the Japanese Admiral Yamamoto.
On August 7, 1942, American Marines waded ashore a tiny island to capture a Japanese airfield. It was the beginning of an epic six-month battle that changed the course of the war in the Pacific. What was the importance of one small enemy airfield? How were the Allies able to anticipate almost every attack planned by the Japanese high command? Feel the intensity of one of the war's fiercest confrontations in "Secrets behind the Battle of Guadalcanal."
Discover the crucial role played by Allied Coastwatchers and code-breakers before and during the siege. Watch a ferocious night-time sea battle, the sky ablaze with exploding shells and gunfire. Learn how a single machine gun stood between American-held Henderson Field and the Japanese army. From the bridge of an attack the firefight at Bloody the watery graveyard of Ironbottom sound, relive the fight to the finish over Guadalcanal.

[edit] The Real Heroes of Telemark

In 1943 as the Germans were producing 'heavy water' to build their atomic bomb, the Norwegian resistance launched a daring raid against the Norsk Hydro plant.
In 1941, British intelligence received an ominous message from operatives in Nazi-occupied Norway: The Norsk Hydro electric plant in Telemark had stepped up production of "heavy water," a vital componet in the manufacture of an atomic bomb. The threat of German nuclear capability triggered a daring secret operation to destroy the plant and the enemy's supply of heavy water. Discover how a courageous band of commandos prevented Hitler from building the ultimate weapon, in "The Real Heroes of Telemark."
Join Norwegian recruits at a classified British training camp to learn infiltration and sabotage techniques. Witness a disastrous attempt to reach Telemark by glider and see why the plan nearly shut down the entire operation. Parachute onto a frozen lake, then take part in an exciting nighttime raid on the heavy water plant. And relive a thrilling, cross-country escape on a determined Nazi search party closes in. Then watch in horror as a controversial sabotage mission sends Hitler's last chance for an atomic weapon-along with innocent civilians- to the bottom of a cold Norwegian fjord.

[edit] They Flew for China

Between 1941 and 1943 some of America's most talented fighter pilots flew for Nationalist China against the Japanese. They became known as the 'Flying Tigers' and with the name a legend was born.
In July 1941, five months before the United States officially entered the war, a band of American pilots arrived in the Far East to fly against the Japanese in China. Known as the Flying Tigers, their superior flighting skills - and the distinctive shark-teeth markings on the noses of their aircraft - terrified enemy pilots. Discover how a tiny, hell-raising collection of U.S. flyers became one of the war's most successful fighting units... in "They Flew for China."
Climb into the cockpits of their iconic shark-nosed P-40 planes—one of the most familiar images of the war—as the Tigers perform nail-biting missions against the Japanese. The incredible results: 1500 Japanese fliers killed; 286 planes destroyed. The Americans lost only 8 men. Who were these brave men who flew planes with shark jaws painted on their cowlings? This is their story - the record of their dangerous dogfights and ferocious air war in the skies over Burma, Thailand, and China.

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