Secrets of the Maginot Line

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[edit] General Information

Technology, War Documentary hosted by Kester Lovelace, published by RMC in 2017 - English narration

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Image: Secrets-of-the-Maginot-Line-Cover.jpg

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Stretching from Belgium to the Alps, designed by an army of ingenious military engineers, the Maginot Line was a network of fortified bunkers connected by high-tech tunnels and defended by relentless artillery crossfire. It was meant to be an impenetrable obstacle. And yet... it failed. What role did it really play in France's WWII campaign? How did the Nazis finally pierce through? "They shall not pass." The motto of the Maginot Line proudly adorns the works of the most incredible line of fortifications ever built in France. Built between 1928 and 1940, this titanic megastructure which stretches from Belgium to the Alpine areas, was designed by the best military engineers. Made up of a network of large fortifications linked by underground corridors and defended by constant artillery crossfire, the line was designed to be an unconquerable obstacle. However... A strategic error endangers this fortification. In May 1940, the Nazi armored divisions managed to avoid the most defended sector of the Moselle, the Maginot Line, by bypassing it through the thick forest of the Ardennes. As a result, Hitler's armies invaded France in just a few days. Even today, the Maginot line, still criticized for its uselessness and extremely high costs, continues to be debated. Directed and Produced by Andre Annosse ; Imagissime and ECPAD Co-Production with RMC Decouverte, Lagardere Studios and Toute l'Histoire

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