Shocking Exposures: Images that Changed Science

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[edit] General Information

Science Documentary hosted by Keith Foster and Ingela Lundh, published by PBS in 2014 - English narration

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Image: Shocking-Exposures-Images-that-Changed-Science-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Shocking Exposures: Images that Changed Science Some of the most important moments in the history of science have left traces in the form of photos, sketches, or films. This two- part documentary looks at some of the historic images that have changed our view of the world.

[edit] To The End Of The Universe

Part 1 Looks at man's exploration of outer space. In 1923, astronomer Edwin Hubble took a photo that provided the first clue in calculating the size of the universe by showing that the Andromeda galaxy is not part of our Milky Way but lies far more distant. The film covers this and many other amazing images, including the Apollo photos from the Moon's surface and Copernicus' diagram of the solar system with the Sun, rather than the Earth, in the centre.

[edit] Into the Core of the Atom

Part 2 Looks at the world of micro-imagery. Neuroscientist Joseph Altman's images from the early 1960s proved that new brain cells are created, even in adult brains. Other groundbreaking images in this episode include Andreas Vesalius' detailed drawings of the inside of the human body and Raymond Gosling and Rosalind Franklin's X-ray diffraction image that became a vital piece of the puzzle in the search for the structure of the DNA molecule.

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  • Video: Codec: x264 CABAC Main@L3.0
  • Video: Bitrate: 1609 Kbps
  • Video: Aspect Ratio: 1.775 (~16:9)
  • Video: Resolution: 832 x 468
  • Audio: Codec: AAC LC
  • Audio: Bitrate: 128 Kbps VBR 48KHz
  • Audio: Channels: stereo (2/0)
  • Audio: English
  • Run-Time: 57mins
  • Framerate: 25fps
  • Number of Parts: 2
  • Part Size: average 702 MB
  • Container: Mp4
  • Source: PDTV
  • Encoded by: Harry65

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