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[edit] General Information

History, Sociopolitical Documentary hosted by RUFUS JONES, published by National Geographic broadcasted as part of NG - Situation Critical series in 2007 - English narration

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Image: Situation-Critical-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Critical Situation (also known as Situation Critical in the UK) is an American documentary television series. Produced in conjunction with the National Geographic Channel, the series examines various disasters or violent incidents. It replaced Seconds From Disaster, a similar program with a more forensic approach. The main tagline of the show reads, "This is Situation Critical," or some variation thereof. As of March 2008, 13 episodes have been aired.

[edit] North Hollywood Shootout (PDTV)

During a robbery inside a North Hollywood bank, two heavily armed bandits shoot nine police officers and two civilians in a battle that forever changed the LAPD.

[edit] Taliban Uprising (PDTV)

Hundreds of inmates tried to shoot their way out of a makeshift prison for Taliban fighters in Afghanistan with television reporters trapped in the crossfire.

[edit] Operation Certain Death (PDTV)

In war-torn Sierra Leone, armed rebels ambush the Royal Irish Rangers. Fearing a quick execution, the British government launches a risky and grueling rescue air mission.

[edit] Apollo 13 (PDTV)

On the way to the moon, an oxygen tank aboard the Apollo 13 spacecraft explodes,
triggering one of the most famous space rescues in history. Apollo 13 commander James Lovell and lunar module pilot Fred Haise tell the inside story.

[edit] Downed Pilot (PDTV)

U.S. Air Force Captain Scott O'Grady was patrolling a no-fly zone over war-torn Bosnia in 1995 when a Serb missile shot down his F-16. The fighter pilot tells how he evaded capture for five days, fighting hunger, dehydration and frigid weather.

[edit] Hell on High Water (PDTV)

The rigorous Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race turns into a desperate race for survival when a severe storm whips up 70-knot winds and 100-foot waves. Countless racing yachts capsize or sink and authorities launch the largest peacetime rescue in the world.

[edit] Killing Pablo Escobar (PDTV)

Retrace the effort to take down Pablo Escobar, the most feared man in Colombia and the most powerful, dangerous and ruthless drug dealer the world has ever seen.

[edit] Moscow Siege (PDTV)

Terrorists enter Moscow's Dubrovka Theater and threaten to kill everyone inside unless Russia grants independence to Chechnya. Find out how a secret weapon ends the perilous standoff.

[edit] Entebbe Hostage Rescue (PDTV)

In 1976, pro-Palestinian terrorists highjack Air France flight 139 carrying 258 passengers from Tel Aviv to Paris and redirect the flight to Uganda. Relive the horror as negotiations deteriorate and the hostages await their fate.

[edit] Running Out of Air (PDTV)

A Russian Navy mini-submarine is on a secret mission in the icy waters of the North Pacific. In the gloom, hundreds of feet below the surface, it accidentally becomes entangled in a discarded fishing net. Its every submariners nightmare they're trapped deep underwater and their oxygen is running out fast.
Only two rescue teams in the world may be able to save them - but they're thousands of miles away.
A desperate race against time begins by land, air and sea. But will the rescuers find the trapped crew dead or alive?

[edit] Al Qaeda Ambush (PDTV)

U.S. Army rangers sent to rescue wounded Navy SEALs pinned down on a
mountain ridge in Afghanistan face a well-armed and merciless Al Qaeda force.

[edit] Coal Mine Disaster (PDTV)

A miner accidentally drills into an abandoned mine, unleashing 60 million gallons of water that trap nine miners 200 feet underground. After three days, their only hope is the feverish rescue operation desperate to reach them before the water does.

[edit] Nightmare on Mt Hood (PDTV)

On Oregon's majestic mountain, one misstep causes nine climbers fall into a gaping crevasse, killing three instantly. Watch as the survivors, some badly injured, fight to escape.

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  • Video Codec:.......... AVC
  • Video Bitrate:........ 2,960 Kbps
  • Video Aspect Ratio:... 1.82
  • Video Resolution:..... 16:9
  • Audio Codec:.......... AAC
  • Audio Language:....... English
  • Audio Bitrate:........ 338 Kbps
  • Audio Channels:....... 2 (stereo)
  • Run-Time:............. 47mn 13s (average)
  • Framerate:............ 25.000 fps
  • Number of Parts:...... 13
  • Container:............ MP4
  • Part Size:............ 1.14 GiB (average)
  • Source:............... TV-rip
  • Encoded by:........... Egilman

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