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[edit] General Information

Nature Documentary hosted by Martin Yap, published by BlueAntMedia in 2017 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Strange-Creatures-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Strange Creatures: Series 1 The amazing thing about nature is the number of ways it continues to surprise us - and in the case of these unique creatures, it appears we're barely scratching the surface. Spend some time in the company of nature's evolutionary mavericks.

[edit] Smelly Survival Tactics

In nature, the right stench can mean the difference between life and death at the jaws of a predator. Meet some of nature's odor-equipped inhabitants, from vomiting grasshoppers to dung-flinging hippos--and even a flower that's adapted to smell like death.

[edit] Winged Wonders

The biggest bird in the world can't fly. Another relies on a mustache to attract mates. And one colorful aviator has a bill so big, it needs special vertebrae to carry it around. Meet nature's flying iconoclasts and learn why they've evolved a unique appearance to give themselves an edge.

[edit] Uncanny Animals

When it comes to survival, could nature's big winners be the most distinct-looking creatures? Take the terrifying lamprey, who sucks blood out of its prey, or the bizarre wolf eel, who isn't an eel at all. Learn how these species, and more, use their unique appearances to come out on top.

[edit] Creepy Crawlers

Get up close and personal with a beetle that convincingly plays dead, a snail that eats everything in its path, and other tiny, crawly species with extraordinary survival skills.

[edit] Identity Crisis

Are they guinea pigs, beavers, or something else entirely? Capybaras, the world's largest rodents, seem to embody the features of several different animals at once, as do warthogs, anteaters, and more. Delve into the world of fascinating genetic hybrids and learn why they display such particular physical traits.

[edit] Tricksters

Different animals resort to camouflage for different reasons. Some, like the stick insect, mimic their environment to avoid predators,

[edit] Dinosaur Dynamics

The imposing Tyrannosaurus Rex is a legendary figure in dinosaur history--but could this apex prehistoric predator be a close relative of the modern-day chicken? Join us on a journey through history as we aim to separate scientific truth from popular fiction.

[edit] Chemical Weapons

The lionfish, use their disguises to ambush prey. Take a blink-and-you'll-miss-it look at some of nature's most gifted deceivers.

[edit] Strange Powers

When evolution bestows its gifts, it sometimes does so in ways that defy belief. From the coconut octopus's mind-blowing mastery of camouflage to the sunburst beetle's genius use of makeshift diving equipment, witness a stunning showcase of nature's evolutionary superpowers.

[edit] Ocean Oddballs

If a creature looks remarkably odd, chances are you're not focusing on the adaptations that give it a crucial edge. From the power-punching peacock mantis shrimp to the mind-bendingly fast jaw speed of the hairy frogfish, see the surprising prowess of some of nature's oddest-looking survivors.

[edit] Anatomy Gone Wild

Prepare to be astounded by some of the most unusual body parts in the animal kingdom. Marvel at the translucent skin of the axolotl, the dominating digit of the aye aye, and the southern cassowary's menacing claws. Each offer an astonishing level of specialization that help keep their owners alive and thriving.

[edit] Giant Creepy Crawlers

Let's face it: Insects are largely misunderstood. But a closer look at these crawling creatures reveals their inherent ingenuity. From the giant prickly stick insect's extraordinary camouflage gifts to the peacock mantis's ninja-like skills, peek into the daily lives of these fascinating specimens.

[edit] Camouflage and Colouration

If you can't see them coming, you can't escape them. Whether it's the color-changing camouflage of the predatory cuttlefish, or the shape-shifting antics of the mimic octopus, the name of the game is to hide in plain sight. Blink and you'll miss these masters of misdirection as they evade--or create--danger.

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  • Video Codec: x264 CABAC High@L4.1
  • Video: Bitrate: CRF- 21 (~5137 kb/s)
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1920 x 1080
  • Video Resolution: 1.778 (16:9
  • Audio Codec: MPEG-4 AAC LC
  • Audio: English
  • Audio Bitrate: 160 kb/s VBR 48000Hz
  • Audio Channels: Stereo 2
  • Run-Time: 24 mins
  • Framerate: 29.971. Fps
  • Number of Parts: 13
  • Container Mp4
  • Part Size: 878 MB average
  • Source: HDTV
  • Encoded by: Harry65

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