Strange Days on Planet Earth

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[edit] General Information

Nature, Science Documentary narrated by Edward Norton and published by National Geographic in 2004 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Strange-Days-on-Planet-Earth-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Around the globe, scientists are racing to solve a series of mysteries. Unsettling transformations are sweeping across the planet, and clue by clue, investigators around the world are assembling a new picture of Earth, discovering ways that seemingly disparate events are connected. Crumbling houses in New Orleans are linked to voracious creatures from southern China.

Vanishing forests in Yellowstone are linked to the disappearance of wolves. An asthma epidemic in the Caribbean is linked to dust storms in Africa. Scientists suspect we have entered a time of global change swifter than any human being has ever witnessed. Where are we headed? What can we do to alter this course of events?

[edit] Invaders

Strange transformations are taking place around the world because of alien invaders. People in New Orleans no longer trust the floor beneath their feet. Their houses are collapsing — under siege by voracious termite hordes that scientists suspect began their journey half a world away.

[edit] The One Degree Factor

As heat accumulates in the global climate system, places such as Alaska and the northwest corner of Canada are getting more than their share. The average temperature has increased in some places here by as much as 11 degrees Fahrenheit. Emerging signs indicate that the region's rising temperature is affecting the indigenous Porcupine Caribou in ways both subtle and potentially severe.

[edit] Predators

Deep in the wilds of Venezuela, the natural order is being turned inside out. Miles of savanna and verdant forest have given way to small, scattered islands. Some of these islands are now overrun by bands of howler monkeys, a glut of iguanas and hordes of ravenous ants. What's driving this bizarre transformation? and could it be linked to other mysterious events around the world?

[edit] Troubled Waters

A series of apparently unconnected crises among animal populations around the world turns out to be linked by water. The fourth hour of Strange Days on Planet Earth examines the evidence that pollutants are being spread throughout the world's water systems and explores what we can do to remedy the problem.

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Video Codec: DivX
Video Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Audio Codec: AC3
RunTime Per Part: 54min
Number Of Parts: 4
Part Size: 700 MB
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