Stukas Of The Sea - German Speedboats In World War II

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War Documentary hosted by Philip Elsmore, published by History Films in 2003 - English narration

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Image: Stukas-Of-The-Sea-German-Speedboats-In-World-War-II-Cover.jpg

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High speed patrol boats, the smallest surface torpedo carriers, had already made an appearance in the First World War. "The Stuka dive bombers of the seas" was how the high speed German patrol boats of the Second World War came to be known. They were the most important offensive weapon amongst the warships deployed along the coastline. During the War approximately 200 boats were built in several versions. These were deployed in all the maritime theatres of war, especially in the Channel, but also in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, to which they had been transported by land. In all their operations they achieved considerable success - 40 warships, including 12 destroyers and escort destroyers, as well as more than 100 merchant ships, were sunk by them during the War. "Stuka dive bombers of the seas" achieved the remarkable speed of up to 42 knots. 149 of these ships were destroyed by the enemy in the course of the War.

Documentary using original newsreels

English edition from original german History Films - release "Stukas der Meere - Deutsche Schnellboote im 2. Weltkrieg"

Archive of War - series

Oracle Home Entertainment 2003

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