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History Documentary hosted by J V Martin, published by History Channel in 2008 - English narration

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Image: Super-City-New-York-Cover.jpg

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New York's towering skyline and world-leading technology have made it the ultimate city, yet breathtaking new discoveries reveal that the blueprints for this megametropolis were in fact laid thousands of years ago.

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. What if we could strip away the buildings and re-create the Manhattan of 1609 when it was discovered by Henry Hudson ? Take a journey back in time and discover the forces that shaped the landscape from a sweltering tropical region to fertile Indian hunting grounds, to today's modern metropolis.

New York was able to develop into a super city because of its geography, being on the water and on top of bedrock, which could sustain skyscrapers. Long before we get to that point, though, the documentary takes us way back, to when dinosaurs walked from where New Jersey is now to Africa.

Some 230 million years ago, when the continents were one, New York was landlocked. Earth was quiet for about 50 million years until the continents split apart. Those ancient-looking slabs of rock along the Hudson are the edge of a lake that formed as Africa moved away.

There is a world beneath the city -- dormant pneumatic tubes for mail delivery, subway, steam and water tunnels -- urban dwellers have layers under their feet. We take you on a journey deep under the island of Manhattan to explore what lies below the biggest city in America. Dive beneath New York Harbor, climb to the tops of the highest skyscrapers and delve 600 feet down to the deepest tunnels to see how New York became "New York" and what the future may hold for the city.

Produced and Directed by Richard Ross; Produced by Creative Differences for HISTORY/A&E Television Networks

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Audio Languages: english
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Number Of Parts: 1
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Encoded by: DocFreak08

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