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[edit] General Information

Science Documentary hosted by Jonathan Pryce and published by BBC in 1999 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Supernatural Science

BBC Worldwide and Discovery Channel 1999

The paranormal has fascinated believers and irritated sceptics for decades. The series uses archive video, expert interview, dramatic reconstruction and personal testimony to demystify strange phenomena and explore popular mythology in terms of current scientific understanding.

[edit] Lake Monsters

Scotlands Loch Ness Monster has eluded searchers for decades. Other reports of sea serpents have come from lakes in Norway and the U.S. Do Jurassic beasts haunt these waters? Or have witnesses been fooled by optical illusions and hoaxes?

[edit] Open to Suggestion

The power of suggestion can be used to assist medical treatment, or to indoctrinate cult victims. This program examines the consequences of using and abusing this little-understood power.

[edit] Spontaneous Human Combustion

Can the human body just burst into flame? Bizarre deaths caused by spontaneous human combustion have been reported for more than a century. Recently, forensic scientists have begun to develop a compelling explanation for this phenomenon.

[edit] Electric Hands

Dowsing is one of the oldest sciences, used to locate everything from freshwater springs to missing persons. It is also part of the panoply of alternative therapies. Medical dowsers move their hands over patients to diagnose and even heal illnesses. Many doctors ridicule the practice. But there are those who believe therapeutic touch has real benefits.

[edit] Previous Lives

Channelers and mediums claim the ability to communicate with the dead. Scientists remain skeptical. But some researchers have come across a baffling phenomenon: young children with extraordinary knowledge of people who died before they were even born.

[edit] Physical Feats

The body is capable of incredible feats, some of which defy explanation. How, for example, can Tibetan monks sleep outdoors in freezing temperatures? This program reveals what these feats tell us about the real limits of human anatomy and psychology.

[edit] Secrets of Levitation

Over the centuries, Indian gurus, Christian saints, psychics and others have been reputed to possess the ability to levitate. Science has now shown that levitation is possible through technological means. Could an ancient myth become reality?

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