The Battle Against Rome: Rebellion of the Germanic Tribes

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War Documentary hosted by Andrew Solomon, published by ZDF in 2009 - English narration

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Image: The-Battle-Against-Rome-Rebellion-of-the-Germanic-Tribes-Cover.jpg

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-- German title "Kampf um Germanien", also titled as "Arminius: Enemy of Rome" -- The Battle of the Teutoburg Forest played a decisive role in shaping modern-day Europe. It was the worst defeat ever by the Roman Empire. In what historians call the Varian Disaster, Germanic tribes ambushed three Roman legions, cutting down 30,000 men. The Romans were betrayed by a man they had trained and trusted. Arminius anticipated their tactics in one of the most decisive battles in history. Arminius - born as the son of a Cheruscan prince, kidnapped as a pawn of the Romans and raised as a soldier, returns to Germania, which was conquered by Emperor Augustus. There he made himself the leader of the rebellion against Rome and lured the legions of Varus to their destruction - in the year 9 AD. Alongside Arminius, the viewer experiences the "Clash of Cultures" between Romans and Germanic peoples. In a memorable television event, we accompany him on the way from his father's simple mud hut to ancient Rome, from the plains of the battlefields of Pannonia to the gorges of the Teutoburg Forest. Written and Directed by Christian Twente ; A Gruppe 5 production for ZDF in association with ARTE

[edit] A Province Too Far

Since the 15th century, Arminius has been glorified as a German national hero. But who was "Hermann The Cheruscan" under whom Germanic tribes defeated three Roman legions at the Teutoburg Forest in 9 AD? Where did he come from? And how did he betray the Romans under General Varus so they never again attempted to conquer Germanic territory east of the Rhine River?
The first part is about Arminius' search for identity. Coming from a simple Cherusci village settlement and the dense forests of Germania, the Romans kidnapped him to their civilization after an agreement as a child. They raise him to be a soldier and a committed citizen of Rome. He proves himself in suppressing an uprising against the Romans in Pannonia and finally returns to his homeland at the side of the Roman governor Varus.

[edit] The Battle

How could lightly armed Germanic tribes defeat heavily armed Romans in the Battle of the Teutoburg Forest that took place in the fall of 9 AD? Until today, historians try to unravel why as many as 30,000 Roman soldiers, along with countless slaves and families, died in those three days of bloody butchery.
The second part is all about the legendary battle in the Teutoburg Forest. Arminius knows that the disciplined Romans are far superior to the stubborn Germanic tribal warriors in the open field. That's why he wants to take advantage of Varus' trust to lead the Romans into the impassable forests of Germania and attack there. His double game is almost seen through: Segestes, the old clan leader of the Cherusci and ally of Rome, tries to warn Varus. But the idea that a soldier like Arminius, who was educated in Rome and fought for Rome, could change sides is too unimaginable. Varus does not believe the accusations, orders them to continue their march and leads his legions to their destruction.

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