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[edit] General Information

Travel Documentary hosted by Michael Jackson, published by Discovery Channel in 1989 - English narration

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[edit] Information

Welcome to the wonderful world of beer. Regional recipes, foreign porters, stouts, ales and lagers have all become popular as beer fans demand stronger flavors and higher quality from their brews. Join Michael Jackson, host of The Beer Hunter, on a highly entertaining around-the-globe search for the ultimate brew. You'll visit the world's great beer meccas: Czechoslovakia, Great Britain, Belgium and more-- anywhere where beer is a religious experience. This DISCOVERY COLLECTOR'S EDITION bubbles over with fascinating historical and cultural facts and anecdotes. A cult-classic for every beer lover! So bottoms up... A HAWKSHEAD PRODUCTION For CHANNEL FOUR In association with THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL

[edit] California Pilgrimage

Host Michael Jackson, world-renowned beer connoisseur, takes you inside San Francisco's Anchor Steam, a "micro-brewery" and through Napa Valley to visit a hops farm. Beer is sampled at pubs along the way, of course.

[edit] The Best of Britain

In one of the beer centers of the world, a family brewery fights to stay independent while competing with larger corporations. Michael Jackson visits a British beer fair for good measure.

[edit] The Bohemian Connection

This journey features a visit to Prague, the famed beer region where modern brewing began. Michael Jackson shares his knowledge of the area and the brewing methods that make Bohemian beer so distinctive.

[edit] Germany - The Fifth Element

As consumers demand stronger flavors and higher quality beers, German brewing techniques have come to the forefront. Michael Jackson explores this country whose population drinks more beer than any other nation and which produces one-third of the world's brew.

[edit] Holland - Our Daily Beer

Host Michael Jackson takes you to visit historic Amsterdam and the world-famous Heineken brewery. Then, at a Trappist monastery, you'll meet monks who make beer "not to refresh the body, but to sustain the soul."

[edit] The Burgundies of Belgium

Traveling to Belgium, you will encounter the mysteries of the local brew and the colorful customs that accompany it. Belgians take their beer very seriously-- it is not just for quaffing at the bar or pub, but is carefully selected to accent a meal.

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