The Dark Matter of Love (CBC)

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[edit] General Information

Sociopolitical Documentary with no narration published by CBC broadcasted as part of CBC The Passionate Eye series in 2014 - English language

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Image: The-Dark-Matter-of-Love-CBC-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

HE DARK MATTER OF LOVE follows eleven-year old Masha and five-year old twin boys Marcel and Vadim as they leave Russia to spend their first year in Wisconsin as part of the Diaz family. When the reality of bonding with children who have grown up in institutions turns out to be more difficult than they ever imagined, the Diaz's hire two of the world's best developmental psychologists to help them build their new family - through science. Claudio and Cheryl Diaz met at Disneyland in 1990, fell in love, married and had their only daughter Cami in 1997. Cheryl, one of six children herself, always wanted a big family and worked toward making this adoption a reality for six years. Claudio, who fled communist Cuba with his family and worked his way from cleaning toilets at Disneyland to becoming a Disney HR executive, wants to give Masha, Marcel and Vadim the same gift his father gave him – a new life in America. Dr. Robert Marvin, Professor Emeritus at the University of Virginia School of Medicine, has spent a lifetime developing a world-renowned therapy program that draws upon the past 100 years of scientific discoveries in the field of parent-child love. Dr. Marvin believes that he can help the Diaz’s create an environment in which Masha, Marcel and Vadim can form supportive, loving relationships. But can a scientific program really change the way the Diaz family love each other? Cami resents sharing Claudio and Cheryl and Masha, Marcel and Vadim struggle to relate to their new parents. As Claudio and Cheryl try to bond with their new children we gain insight into the relationship patterns Claudio and Cheryl have inherited from their own parents. Dr. Marvin works with them on developing ways in which they can pass on all of the best and none of the worst aspects of their relationships with their own parents to their new children. Sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, THE DARK MATTER OF LOVE melds the story of the Diaz family learning to love with rare archival footage of science experiments exploring parent-child love. Director Sarah McCarthy fuses revealing footage of these experiments to the narrative, drawing audiences deeper into the dark matter of love and encouraging them to contemplate their own relationships through an unflinching, scientific lens.

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