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[edit] General Information

Nature Documentary hosted by Jessica Tandy and Martin Sheen and Malcolm McDowell, published by Discovery Channel in 2008 - English narration

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[edit] Information

A wonderful world of incredible beauty and amazing facts lies in the sea. The astonishing details has fascinated many people around the world to the great depth of the sea. The varied diversity in flora and fauna with the adaptations of the sea life makes this world the largest ecosystem on this planet. Oceans and Sea with different climatic conditions and geography takes us to research and study, and portrayed in this collection are interesting facts about different sea animals, including sea whales, sharks, giant squid, dolphins and deep sea fishes.

[edit] Chasing Giants - On the Trail of the Giant Squid

For as long as Man has gone to sea there have been tales of terrible sea monsters. None have fed our imaginations more than the eight-armed beast with eyes the size of volleyballs - the Giant Squid. As Iong as a bus, this creature has continued to elude and intrigue us while thriving in the ocean's depths. Only corpses have provided clues to its existence - until now. New Zealand scientist Steve O'Shea follows the evidence to help solve the mystery of the Giant Squid - and give us our first image of the creature alive.

Narrator: Billy Zane
Director: Peter Young
Producer: Maureen Lemire, Peter Young
Executive Producer: Maureen Lemire
Executive in charge of Production: Steve Burns

2002 Discovery Communications, Inc.

[edit] In the Company of Whales - Part 1

Come travel in the company of the largest animals to ever live on earth. Smart, beautiful, graceful, they are the aristocratic giants of the sea. A spectacular, up-close look at the ocean's gentle giants with Dr. Roger Payne, discoverer and researcher of Humpback Whale Communications, a Ieading whale conservationist and Chief Scientist to the U.S. World Wildlife Fund. Host Dr. Roger Payne fell in love with their intricate, eerie songs years ago and has spent a lifetime researching and tracking them wherever they can be found. Follow him to Ireland, Australia, and 13 other watery locations as he wonders at their behavior and their inner lives. A year and a half in the making and filmed around the world, In the Company of Whales captures on film extraordinary whale encounters offering a comprehensive insight into the legacy of these powerful creatures that have existed for more than 30 million years.

[edit] In the Company of Whales - Part 2

Among the most prominent environmental and conservation issues facing humankind today is the fate of the whale. "In the Company of Whales" reveals the true nature of these lovable and scientifically fascinating mammals and the ecology of their world. Sit tight and enjoy the ride as Roger Payne embarks on a captivating journey around the globe exploring the many delights that these magnificent creatures have to offer. From the intriguing sounds of the Humpback Whale to the overly playful and friendly Bottlenose Dolphin this is a must watch for any wildlife enthusiast.

Narrator: Jessica Tandy
Producer & Director: Robin Brown
Executive Producers, Discovery Communications:
Clark Bunting, Tlmothy Cowling
In Association with Channel Four Television
New Zealand

1992 Discovery Communications, Inc.

[edit] Forbidden Depths - Part 1

This two-part film documents the month-long, deep-sea expedition of a team of internationally renowned scientists and researchers off the coast of Cuba. Led by Dr. Grant Gilmore of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution, a group of American scientists and ichthyologists participated in this cooperative research mission along with a team of Cuban scientists aboard the Seward Johnson research vessel. The scientists made numerous dives in a sophisticated, deep-sea submersible known as the Johnson Sea Link, which is capable of diving up to 2500 feet below the water's surface. The team of scientists found new marine species, searched rich coral reefs, and investigated marine life that may hold cures to diseases.

[edit] Forbidden Depths - Part 2

Using sophisticated underwater technology U.S. and Cuban sclentists explore the rich but relatively unknown waters off the coast of Cuba. With underwater photographer Al Giddings and the submersible from Discovery Channel's landmark voyage to Galapagos, this rich underwater site is explored the first time.The scientists on board include Shirley Pomponi, a sponge expert; Tammy Frank, who studies shrimp-like species to understand adaptability; and Edie Vidder, a bioluminescence expert. The expedition identifies species new to the region and new to science.

Narrator: Martin Sheen
Producers & Directors: James Lipscomb, Al Giddings
Executive Producers, Discovery Communications: Bill
Cosmas, Michael Ouattrone
In Association with James Lipscomb Inc.

1998 Discovery Communicetions, Inc.

[edit] Great White Down under

Of all the Earth's predators known and feared, none is more shrouded in mystery than the Great White Shark. Nowhere on earth is the Great White more dreaded than on the island continent of Australia, where the vast majority of people live along the coastline, a mere stones throw from over 170 species of sharks. In Australia, the coexistence between humans and sharks is not a choice, but a necessity. This programme examines the history of the White Shark in Australia, from gruesome encounters with humans to the Iatest research. Now, by catching White Sharks and implanting transmitters into thern, researchers are tracking these predators and understanding for the first time where they go and what they do.

Narrator: Malcolm McDowell
Director: Jody Helzer, Jed Udall
Producers: Thomas F. Horton, Jean Horton Garner
Executive Producer, Discovery Communications:
Sean Gallagher
Executive in Charge of Production: Michael Quattrone
Produced for The Discovery Channel by Thomas
Horton Associates, Inc

2000 Discovery Communications, Inc.

[edit] Secrets of the Humpback Whale

The power and majesty of the Humpback Whale is seen through the eyes of world-renowned cinematographer Al Giddings. Twenty-five years ago Giddings was the first to film the Humpback Whale singing. Now he documents the new whale behaviour in the blue waters off Hawaii. He follows their 3-month migration to the herring-rich waters off Alaska, where they hunt in packs. Giddings, experienced producer of underwater scenes of documentaries and feature films including Cameron's recent Titanic, returns to documentaries to featue information gathered about Humpbacks over several decades.

Narrator: Susan Sarandon
Producers & Directors: Al Giddings & David Clark
Executive Producers: Michael Quattrone, Tim
Cowling, Steven Manuel
A Presentation of Discovery Channel in
association with Al Giddings Images, Inc.

1998 Discovery Communicatione, Inc.

[edit] The Free Willy Story - Keiko’s Journey Home

This is the story of Keiko, the Orca Whale that starred in the movie Free Willy, and his journey home to the coastal waters of Iceland. The worId watched with anticipation as Keiko was transported safely from Mexico City to Newport, Oregon in January 1996. But his safe arrival was only the beginning of the story. Share in the excitement as a team of veterinarians and trainers work with Keiko in an unprecedented attempt to teach him the skills he will need to survive in the open seas.

Narrator: Rene Russo
Executive Producers Dennis B. Kane, David R. O'Dell
Executive Producers, Discovery Communicatiuns:
Steven Manuel, Clark Bunting, Michael Quattrone

1996 Discovery Communications Inc.

[edit] The Orca - Killers I have Known

Elusive and misunderstood killer whales are affectionately profiled in this documentary that follows intrepid researcher Ingrid Visser. Zipping around in an inflatable boat, responding to sightings phoned in to a hotline, Visser tracks pods of the animals as they cavort gracefully in the scenic waters of northern New Zealand. During her years of tracking the animals, Visser has been able to identify individual killer whales, or orcas, and we even see her interacting with one wild killer whale that seems to recognize and greet her. For many years, humans believed that killer whales would attack humans, but that fear turns out to be unfounded. Visser is usually in close proximity to the large creatures in the wild, but in underwater footage she is seen actually swimming among them. An energetic and engaging subject for a documentary, Visser displays a spirit in tracking the whales that is infectious. In interview segments she explains her fascination for the orcas, and provides insights into their behavior and her fears for their future as manmade pollution begins to seriously threaten their habitats.

Narrator: Ralph Cosman
Producer & Director : Andrew Penniket
Production Executive : Michael Stedman
Executive Producer : Neil Harraway
A Presentation of Discovery Channel in
association with TVNZ Natural History

1997 Discovery Communications Inc.

[edit] Sharks of the Deep Blue

Two fierce predators, the Oceanic White Tip Shark that inhabits deep offshore waters and the Bull Shark that patrois the murky shallows of rivers and estuaries, are examined. Underwater photographers search the depths off Hawaii for the dangerous and seldom seen Oceanic White Tip Shark. Using their cameras for defence, they demonsrrate how to survive an encounter with the predator responsible for the deaths of hundreds of shipwreck victims, including those of the U.S.S. Indianapolis.

In the shallow Bahaman waters, a scientist shows how to avoid being attacked by Buil Sharks using relaxation methods and body language techniques.

Narrator: Malcolm McDowell
Director: Jeff Kurr
Producers: Thomas F. Horton, Jean Horton
Garner, Jeff Kurr
Executive Producer, Discovery
Communicationa; Gaynelle Evans
Produced for Discovery Channel by Thomas
Horton Aesociates, Inc.

1999 Discovery Communications, Inc.

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