The Fall of the Habsburgs

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History Documentary hosted by Dylan Whiting, published by ORF in 2018 - English narration

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The Habsburg Dynasty had ruled large parts of Europe and the world for 650 years. During World War I, however, the mighty Austro-Hungarian Empire sowed the seeds of its own demise. At the height of World War I, the world of the Habsburgs was on the brink of collapse. The young Austrian Emperor Karl I - who came to the throne in the middle of the war as successor to the aged Emperor Franz Joseph I - must save his empire and his dynasty, no matter what the cost. He gambles with high stakes and begins peace negotiations with archenemy France - behind the backs of the German allies. But instead of bringing peace, the Austrian emperor's peace initiative only accelerated the downfall of the centuries-old, proud Danube monarchy. Almost exactly 100 years ago to the day, in April 1918, the most sensitive diplomatic mission of the First World War became a Europe-wide scandal: the so-called "Sixtus Affair". Secret negotiations between the Austrian imperial family and France were supposed to bring peace to the Danube monarchy – and their failure caused the war to escalate and the Habsburgs to fall. In April 1918 the secret negotiations are exposed. "For the Germans, that was sheer treason," says Potsdam historian Michael Epkenhans, "and they're taking revenge for it." Austria must completely submit to the German dictate and fight the war to the bitter end. It ends in November 1918 with millions of dead, the collapse of the Danube monarchy and the end of the Habsburg dynasty as the ruling dynasty after almost 650 years. Based on newly discovered documents, the documentation shows the exact course of this historical thriller. It was only in February 2017 that the diaries of one of Emperor Karl's closest confidants, Count Tamas Erdody, turned up in an estate in Vienna. "The Fall of the Habsburgs" reconstructs this explosive operation completely for the first time with newly discovered documents. The leading roles are Emperor Franz Joseph's great-great-grandson Leopold Altenburg as Emperor Karl I and Daniela Golpashin as Zita.The film was shot at original locations such as the Villa Wartholz in Reichenau an der Rax, the Kaiserhaus in Baden and the castle Eckartsau. Written and Directed by Fritz Kalteis ; A Metafilm GmbH Co-Production with ORF, ZDF/ARTE and BMBWF

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