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[edit] General Information

Health-Medical Documentary narrated by Robert Winston and published by BBC in 2003 - English, Chinese Multilanguage narration

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[edit] Information

Robert Winston explores all aspects of the human mind - from how we learn, to how we're able to recognise faces and what makes one person 'click' with another.

[edit] Get Smart

The first programme in the series uncovers what happens in our minds when we learn, remember and have original ideas. It explores what we can do to improve our ability to learn and manipulate knowledge, and shows how eating fish oils can boost our brain power.

[edit] Personality

Personality explores what it is that makes us who we are and uncovers the universal battle we face to master our emotions and control our behaviour.Professor Robert Winston explores how our minds shape our personalities throughout our lives, and reveals how personality traits like extroversion and introversion develop.

[edit] Making Friends

Why is a party one of the most demanding and complex situations the human mind ever has to deal with? This programme investigates the extraordinary way that our minds work to allow us to communicate with other people.Professor Winston discovers how we recognise people, read their faces and bodies to understand what they’re thinking, and then charm them.Find out how to tell whether a smile is genuine, what happens when people 'click' with one another, and how to spot when someone's lying.

[edit] Screenshots

Image:Human Mind thumbs0.jpg Image:Human Mind thumbs1.jpg Image:Human Mind thumbs2.jpg

[edit] Technical Specs

  • Video Codec: XviD MPEG-4 codec
  • Video Bitrate: 1778 kb/s
  • Video Aspect Ratio: 1.82:1
  • Video Resolution: 624x336
  • Audio Codec: MP3
  • Audio BitRate: 98 kb/s;DualAudio
  • Audio Channels: 2 Ch
  • RunTime: 00:49
  • Framerate: 23.976 FPS
  • Number Of Parts: 3
  • Part Size: 697 MB
  • Ripped by NewMov

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