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History Documentary hosted by Max Raphael, published by History Channel broadcasted as part of HC Modern Marvels series in 2002 - English narration

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Part of The History Channel's Modern Marvels series, The Manhattan Project documents how scientists were brought together by the American government in order to create what at that time was the most devastating weapon in history - the atomic bomb. The United States wanted to build an atomic explosive to counter the threat posed by the German nuclear development program. The term Manhattan Project came about because the program began under the Manhattan Engineering District of the War Department Born out of a small research program begun in 1939, the Manhattan Project eventually employed more than 130,000 people, including some of the best US scientists, engineers and mathematicians, and it was operated under a shroud of absolute secrecy. At 5:30 a.m. July 16 1945 scientists and dignitaries awaited the detonation of the first atomic bomb in a desolate area of the New Mexico desert aptly known as Jornada del Muerto-Journey of Death. Dubbed the Manhattan Project the top-secret undertaking was tackled with unprecedented speed and expense-almost 30-billion in today's dollars. Los Alamos scientists and engineers relate their trials, triumphs and dark doubts about building the ultimate weapon of war in the interest of peace. Program examines the evolution of nuclear power, including the nuclear development sites at Los Alamos and so-called "Secret City" Oak Ridge during World War II, and interviewees discuss the developments that led to the missions to Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Actuality Productions and Hearst Entertainment for the History Channel

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