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Biography, Culture, History Documentary published by Others in 2007 - English narration

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Islam and Christianity have been portrayed as mortal enemies for 1,400 years, locked in combat until the end of time when on the day of judgement God will finally announce the winner. This so called "clash of civilisations" has defined Christian and Muslim relations from the wars of the crusades to the current "war on terror".

But there is another story. It's a story that revolves around one man. The man whom a billion Muslims and 1.2 billion Christians call the Messiah but who is seen by both in very different ways - Jesus.

The Muslim Jesus uses the Quran and other Islamic texts to explore the differing ways in which Christian and Muslim faiths both acknowledge Jesus. Scholars, teachers, parents, rappers, poets and historians come together for this one hour special, narrated by Melvin Bragg.

The differences between the Quran and the Bible's portrayal of Jesus are explored in detail, from the role of Mary and his death and resurrection, to the coming of the Anti-Christ.

The one-hour special, commissioned and narrated by Melvyn Bragg, is thought to be the first time the subject has been dealt with on British television. Lord Bragg said: "I was fascinated by the idea ... Jesus was such a prominent figure in Islam but most people don't know that."

The director and producer, Irshad Ashraf, said the film was an attempt to shift the focus away from extremism to the spiritual side of Islam. "Jesus is loved and respected by Muslims and he's one of the most important prophets in our religion."

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