The Mystery of the Disorderly Warriors

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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Barbara Lowing and published by Others in 2004 - English narration

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Image: The-Mystery-of-the-Disorderly-Warriors-Cover.jpg

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In 1984 4000 buried terracotta warriors were discovered in Jiangsu Province, China. They were an army – infantry, archers, charioteers and horses. But they were disorderly warriors. They'd been interred carelessly, and in great haste. Archaeologists Wang Kai and Qiu Yongsheng suspected they were the guardians of the tomb of a long-ago king. But which king? Where was his tomb? And why were the warriors in such disarray?

Wang Kai made it his mission to find the tomb – and to solve the mystery of the disorderly warriors. He started to search for the tomb that he was sure was there … somewhere. It took him six years to find it. In 1990, he uncovered a wall of an ancient tomb. It took another five years to completely excavate the large and magnificent tomb. The archaeologists penetrated deeper and deeper into the tomb, uncovering ancient, buried treasures as they went. Finally, they reached the burial chamber itself.

A king who had offended the Emperor, and then rebelled against him. An uprising that had failed. A ritual suicide. A hasty royal burial, before the Emperor could intervene and forbid it. A burial conducted with the greatest speed, and a terracotta army tumbled carelessly into their pits. An army of disorderly warriors. A mystery that it would take 2000 years to solve.

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