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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Corey Johnson, published by Smithsonian Channel in 2008 - English narration

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Image: The-Real-Story-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Often times the best fiction is based on fact. In The Real Story the startling facts behind the fiction in Hollywoods greatest hits are investigated. Before Hollywood made them famous, history made them legends. Classic mystery and adventure tales of the 20th century comes alive in "The Real Story," a five-part series on Smithsonian Channel. The series examines the true stories behind famous historical real-life events and individuals that inspired some of Hollywood's most famous blockbusters. They've thrilled us, horrified us, and devastated us. They've raised questions about our past and given us hope for a brighter future. They are five of Hollywood's biggest hits, all works of fiction, but all inspired by real events more dramatic than anything a screenwriter could dream up. Join us as we uncover the actual stories and characters as we go behind the scenes of classic films including "the real story" behind Eliot Ness and his band of FBI "The Untouchables", the haunted house in Amityville, Long Island "The Amityville Horror", the infamous three-man escape from Alcatraz in 1962 "Escape From Alcatraz", Ian Fleming and his creation James Bond and the real-life history of Indiana Jones. A Blink Films Production for Smithsonian Channel and Five in Association with The History Channel

[edit] Escape From Alcatraz

In June 1962, three inmates successfully broke out of Alcatraz prison, never to be seen again. Alcatraz was the world's most impregnable prison, yet three prisoners believed they could achieve the impossible and escape. Their plot succeeded, and was discovered during the prison's routine "morning count." Despite the authorities’ strenuous efforts to track down the escapees, none were ever found. Did the prisoners actually make it off the island, or did the icy waters of the San Francisco Bay act as the fortress' last line of inescapable defence?
The Real Story: Escape from Alcatraz speaks with key individuals, including Darwin Coon, an inmate who was in Alcatraz at the time of the escape, the wardens who discovered the missing prisoners, and the FBI agents who tried to track them down.

[edit] Indiana Jones

Now for the first time we'll reveal how Indiana Jones arose from real heroes and villains, real adventures and real discoveries. Indiana Jones is a kaleidoscopic hero inspired by the traits, passions and adventures of real life explorers. Just who was the real Indiana Jones? Indy's creators George Lucas and Steven Spielberg say the inspiration for the whip-cracking adventurer came from the explorers featured in 1930s and 40s movie serials. In turn, many writers of these serials say their inspiration came from the real-life adventures of Roy Chapman Andrews. Another source for the Indy legend is the German scholar and Grail-hunter, Otto Rahn. Both embody the spirit of Indiana Jones, and lived real lives of scholarship, exploration and danger.
The Real Story: Indiana Jones reveals how the Indiana Jones character was inspired by the exploits of real heroes and villains, their adventures and discoveries.

[edit] James Bond

Take a look at Ian Fleming and the real-life story behind James Bond. The Real Story: James Bond uncovers the facts behind the fiction—the people, the events, the gadgets and the places that inspired the most iconic action hero ever known. Bond...James Bond. Is this man of mystery a personification of a real spy or a fantasy spun by author Ian Fleming? Fleming wanted his suave secret agent to be the ultimate spy - but who provided the inspiration? Discover Fleming's wartime service in naval intelligence, and meet two men who could have supplied the basis for Bond's character. Uncover the facts behind the fiction - the people, places and even the gadgets that inspired the iconic spy.
Marking the 100th birthday of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, 'The Real James Bond' will explore the true-life influences of one of the greatest fictional icons of modern times – James Bond.

[edit] The Amityville Horror

'The Amityville Horror' has haunted audiences for decades thanks to the real events that inspired the film. On November 13, 1974, police discovered six members of the De Feo family: father, mother and four of their five children shot dead, at 112 Ocean Avenue in the quiet village of Amityville, New York. Ronald, the eldest son, was found guilty of the murders.
The true story behind The Real Story: The Amityville Horror, the cold-blooded case in 1974 where the eldest 23-year-old son shot with a rifle and killed his entire family while they slept in their beds at night. Killed were his parents, Ronald Sr. and Louise, along with his young brothers and sisters, Dawn, Allison, Marc, and John. With the help of eye witness accounts, extraordinary archival footage and psychological drama, the film will explore the facts and reveal new evidence behind the "Horror."

[edit] The Untouchables

The Real Story: The Untouchables tells the story of how a small group of law enforcers led by Eliot Ness brought down the invincible Mafia boss Al Capone in 1930s Chicago.
Al Capone was a notorious Mafia boss who thrived during the Prohibition era of 1930s Chicago. In the film "The Untouchables," he was brought down by a small group of gritty law enforcers led by Eliot Ness. The public believed that Ness and his Untouchables were responsible for Capone's downfall, but that's not the real story. The Internal Revenue Service recently opened secret documents surrounding the case, including highly classified objects such as Capone's gun and Ness's diary. See the full story behind the plot to capture Capone. Using interviews, footage, drama reconstruction and first-time access to recently unsealed court files, the remarkable story is told.

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