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War Documentary hosted by Charles Kuralt, published by Discovery Channel in 1995 - English narration

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Relive the birth of a nation. Paul Revere never said, "The British are coming!" and, on his famous midnight ride, failed to reach his destination. The "Battle of Bunker Hill" wasn't fought there. About two-thirds of all Americans either opposed their war for for independence, or took no side. These are just a few of the surprising insights revealed with The Learning Channel's mini-series on the struggle that forged a nation. Narrated by former CBS news correspondent and award-winning author, Charles Kuralt, this original six-part mini-series tells the story of the conflict that gave birth to the United States of America. The Revolutionary War is a powerful portrait of the epic war and rebellion that forged a nation and the American character. Before this war began, America was simply a gathering of thirteen separate colonies with no common religion, heritage or ambition. The war became a six year saga of military maneuvering and political intrigue, of shifting loyalties and passionate ideals, of fear and courage in an unpredictable struggle for freedom that teetered on the brink of disaster. It was the world's first revolution--and right till the end, the outcome lay in doubt. Now, the birth of America unfolds in this epic narrated by Charles Kuralt. Beautifully filmed and grippingly told, The Revolutionary War recaptures the spirit of '76 through battle re-enactments, and the words of the participants, even their very accents. In this stunning production from The Learning Channel, history becomes a rousing drama--and it begins on an April morning in New England, with a shot heard round the world... Produced & Directed by Carol L. Fleisher ; A Real TV, Inc. Production for The Learning Channel

[edit] Rebels and Redcoats

A look at the Stamp Act, the Boston Massacre, the Boston Tea Party, and other events that led to the battle in Lexington, Mass.
The war for American independence began almost by accident, when a single, unidentified shot rang out at Lexington. Examine the decade of conflict that sparked rebellion, as well as the Continental Congress' decision to hire a physically imposing Virginia aristocrat to lead its army.

[edit] Independence

This episode chronicles the defeat of the patriots at Bunker Hill and examines how the Continental Congress turned to a Virginia aristocrat named Washington to lead an army short on men and ammunition, and traces the growing momentum of rebellion, spurred by Thomas Paine's "Common Sense" and Washington's leadership, that led to the signing of Jefferson's document on July 4, 1776.

[edit] Misfortunes of War

A look at the bold Christmas campaign to recapture Trenton and Princeton that made Washington a legend and inspired more than half of his depleted army to reenlist for 1777.
Divide and conquer was the strategy of the British. Follow General Burgoyne's relentless march to split New England from Canada to Albany, and how elusiveness, as much as anything, defined General Washington's early campaigns. Then follow the fateful crossing of the Delaware, and the subsequent battles that made Washington a legend.

[edit] A War Without End

This episode shows how Washington, with a third of his army unfit for duty during the brutal winter at Valley Forge, received help from an unlikely source, where a German impostor proved to be a godsend.
The program also details how the French and a new regiment of black soldiers aided in the war, and details how Washington savagely punished the Indians for their support of the British.

[edit] The Dark Days

A look at how the daring strategy of Nathanael Greene to split his army unfolded and how Daniel Morgan's upset of the British at Cowpens was the turning point in the war.
The war was decided in the South in 1781, where an American victory seemed unlikely just a year before. As the war dragged on, the costs to both sides in terms of casualties and economics began to mount. See how the Revolution affected families at home, and learn how the introduction of guerrilla warfare in the South helped the patriots stave off defeat.
This episode examines the civil war in the South between the partisans and the Loyalists, including the British siege of Charleston and the guerrilla war led by William Davie, Thomas Sumter, and Francis Marion, and reveals the economic conditions that led Benedict Arnold to commit treason.

[edit] A Harvest of Victory

This episode follows the events that led to Cornwallis' surrender at Yorktown and examines what happened to the major figures of the war after the final curtain fell.

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