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Sociopolitical Documentary with no narration published by CNN in 2015 - English language

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At the end of the decade, Richard Nixon was the newly elected President, there was still a war in Vietnam, and the Beatles remained the biggest rock & roll band in the world. So much of what began in the 1960s only fully developed in the 1970s. The seeds may have been planted but they didn't truly begin to bear fruit until the subsequent decade. We knew we would have to continue the story. In each decade, there are events and individuals unique to the time that beg further exploration

[edit] Television Gets Real

A look at how television changed during the 1970s with a new sophistication in TV programming, unique new formats, and the politics, culture, and historic event that created shows like Saturday Night Live, and Monday Night Football.

[edit] United States vs Nixon

A look out how the poorly executed political burglary and the Watergate Scandal lead to Richard Nixon being the only president in the history of the United States to resign from office.

[edit] Peace with Honor

A look at how the country begins to reconcile with itself as America withdrew from the Vietnam War.

[edit] Crimes and Cults

A wave of violent crimes grips the U.S. throughout the 1970s, from the New York 'Son of Sam' murders and the Moonies to the 'Killer Clown' John Wayne Gacy.

[edit] The State of the Union is not Good

America goes from bad to worse as the country deals from one crisis to the next throughout the 1970s.

[edit] Battle of the Sexes

America goes a new direction as it undergoes a dramatic shift of gender roles, sexual mores, and customs.

[edit] Terror at Home and Abroad

The birth and evolution of terrorism are examined, from TWA Flight 481 to the Munich Olympic Massacre.

[edit] Whats Goin on

American popular music explodes into new formats and established artists find new ways to express themselves, from Blondie to Billy Joel to KISS.

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