The Tomb of the Scythian Prince

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History Documentary hosted by Lemmy Constantine, published by Arte in 2000 - English narration

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Image: The-Tomb-of-the-Scythian-Prince-Cover.jpg

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Go back in time of the Scythian, these mysterious fearless riders. An incredible archaeological treasure-trove sheds a new light on the life of these nomadic conquerors from Eurasia. The Scythians, skilled horsemen and nomadic conquerors, built a feared Empire in the vast Eurasian steppe between the 9th and 2rd century B.C. The only remaining traces of this people are their graves: the Kurgans. In April 1999, a French-Italian and Kazakh scientific team announced the exceptional disocvery of a 2400 year-od Scythian tomb in Kazakhstan. The incredible archaeological treasure-trove reveals amongst others, twelve horses completely harnessed in gold, the object of a ritual sacrifice, that have rested for more than 2,000 years in these frozen lands of Altai. Their precious metal adornments elevate them to the rank of divinities and reveal the importance of the social stratum of the deceased. Next to the mummified bodies still wrapped in their shrouds, rest wooden statuettes covered with gold, rare metal objects, embroidered fabrics, gold coins, pendants with animal decoration... All the objects unearthed are unique, there is no replica, no equivalent among the many excavations made over several centuries on this civilization. These spectacular excavations will shed new light on this eastern fringe of the Scythian civilization, the Saka, and make better known this mysterious nomadic people and the life of their fearless riders on whom Herodotos wrote extensively in Antiquity. Directed by Marc Jampolsky; A Co-Production by Gedeon Programmes, La Sept ARTE, Discovery Channel, CSRL, CNRS Images, MAFAC, La Cinquieme, RTBF, TFO-TV Ontario

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