Trajectory: Milestones in Space Exploration Series 1

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[edit] General Information

History Documentary hosted by Chris Keogh, published by Arrow Media in 2020 - English narration

[edit] Cover

Image: Trajectory-Milestones-in-Space-Exploration-Series-1-Cover.jpg

[edit] Information

Trajectory: Milestones In Space Exploration Series 1 Revisit the key advances that have marked space exploration and find out the very latest innovations in space science.

[edit] The Space Race

Cold War rivalry and the acceleration of space exploration. Servicing Hubble - Preparations for Hubble’s final servicing mission. Chasing a Comet – Launch and the difficult path to rendezvous. Space Debris - Monitoring orbital debris.

[edit] Project Mercury

The start of NASA and America’s first manned space program. Mar Express - The European Space Agency’s Mars Satellite. The Soyuz Launch System - The gradual evolution of Russia’s Soyuz launcher.

[edit] Project Mercury Advances

America’s first manned space program finally puts a man in orbit. Camera Tracking - the laboratory. array of special cameras that follow a spacecraft at launch. The International Space Station - The building and operation of the orbiting

[edit] Project Gemini Commences

Did Gemini give the US a lead in the space race? Venus Express – The last days of ESA’s Venus probe. EMU - NASA’s Extravehicular Mobility Unit. Deep Space Communications – ESA’s worldwide network of giant dishes.

[edit] Project Gemini Advances

NASA refines the techniques needed for rendezvous. Cassini at Saturn - In the Cassini probe’s final years of activity, its handlers are asking it to do more complex and risky assignments.

[edit] Gemini Docking and EVA

In the final phase of the Gemini program NASA struggles with docking and spacewalks. Curiosity Roving Mars - On the surface of Mars the Curiosity rover is changing the way we think about the red planet.

[edit] Project Apollo Begins

At the very beginning of NASA’s moon project things go wrong. ESA’s special training program for astronauts. Planck - Mapping the cosmic microwave background radiation.

[edit] Rebuilding Project Apollo

After the Apollo 1 disaster, NASA resumes manned space flight. Orbiting Carbon Observatory 2 - Monitoring the Earth’s Co2 levels in unprecedented detail. Zero Gravity Training - Parabolic flights and their role in weightlessness training.

[edit] Beyond Earth Orbit

The Apollo program takes bold new steps. IXV Re-entry Vehicle - Europe is working to perfect a re-entry vehicle. Galileo Satellites Lost and Found - Navigation satellites go into incorrect orbit.

[edit] To the Moon

The Apollo program achieves its major objective. Dragon, Falcon, and SpaceX – New Directions in re-usable spacecraft. Gaia – Mapping our galaxy in unprecedented detail.

[edit] The Beginning of the End

After the first moon landing the Apollo science program was about to start in earnest but people were losing interest. Apollo gets complicated – new technology is added that extends the reach of the Apollo program.

[edit] The Space Shuttle

The first reusable spacecraft. The Challenger Disaster – Pressing launch schedules to lead to carelessness and the loss of the Challenger. Return to Space – A re-designed shuttle is back in space with a redefined role.

[edit] The Space Shuttle Matures

The Space Transportation System changes the nature of orbital missions. Complex Construction in Space – Confidence in the shuttle begins to return and engineers forget the lessons of the past.

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